Tuesday, March 28, 2017

February 24, 2017 - Jacksonville, FL to Live Oak, FL

We were relieved it did not rain during the night.  We were hoping it did not because we wanted the caulking to stay dry during the night.

After breakfast Erwin went to the laundromat while I stayed behind to tidy up the Lil’ Home (LH), to catch up on the blog, to check for next campground to stay at for tonight.

We realized that we did not stay in Jacksonville long enough to be able to see a lot of friends.  We had so many medical appointments (there were 11). Next time we are back in town we will be sure to stay more than a month.
We are so ready for our epic trip
After the laundry we left Fleetwood RV Park, went to Shell Gas on Emerson Street to get diesel for the LH. We wanted to use up FuelPerks reward of 15 cents.  However, it is good for only 20 gallons and our LH takes in more than 20 gallons.  After the rewards the diesel price went down to $2.34 from $2.49.  There was a signage on the pump that in April the issuer will no longer offer FuelPerks.  

After leaving the gas station we got on I-95 N then to  I-10 West.  The construction was ongoing in some places, but the traffic moved pretty well.  We left Jacksonville, FL at 11:30 am.
The ranger at Suwannee River State Park called to let Erwin know that there is a site available for us to stay 2 nights.  It is north of Live Oak, FL.  We had never been there before, so we were anxious to try it and see if we like the campground.
We took exit from I-10 to get on US 90 West. The campground is about 5 miles from the interstate.  The sign to the park was cleary visible from the road.  After entering the state park we pulled into waiting area, walked to the ranger station to register. 
While waiting for the ranger to process the paperwork there there is a corn snake in the glass box, and it stuck its head out of its hiding place.  Why is it called a “Corn Snake”?  There is more than one possible answer, but one of them explained that since the corn snake’s diet consists mainly of rodents, the snakes would follow their prey into the corn storage and farmers would often find them when they went to retrieve the corn.  The snakes can be found throughout the Eastern United States, from New Jersey to the Florida Keys and west to Tennessee and Louisiana.
Corn Snake
We were assigned to site #23 ($12.10 per night after Seniors Discount).  We were advised to disconnect the tow vehicle from the LH before entering the campground, which we did.

Backing the LH into the site was very easy and there was plenty of room.  The area is very shady and has lots of trees.  Even though the park has a dump station each campsite has a full hookup (sewer included), which is nice.  

After lunch I went out for a drive and Erwin did not want to tag along.  I looked up the map for cemeteries in or near the state park.  There is one cemetery site near the church, which was about 7 miles away.  I took my Canon camera as well as my new IPhone.  

Mary Belle Baptist Church is at the corner of 149th Road and 76th Street.  The cemetery is inside the fenced property, left side of the church.  I was worried that the gate may be padlocked,but it was not.  I walked along each row of the cemetery, found few interesting ones.  
I looked up to see if there is another cemetery nearby and it mentioned one about 4 miles away. Off I went to check it out, but before I got there I spotted a vintage motel sign and took a picture of it.  While at the motel I saw a sign pointing to First African Baptist Church and it piqued my curiosity.
I went on the road until I came to a T dead end, did not see any church nor a sign pointing to where it is.  While scanning the road before making a turn the white building caught my eye and it may be the church I was looking for.  Yes, it is that church… 

First African Baptist Church was organized in 1898, rebuilt in 1910.  After taking pictures of the exterior I walked up the steps and expected the doors locked, but no,it was open!  I went inside and there was not a soul around. The church was lit, so I walked to the back of the pews, looked around for a while before taking a picture.  
I was on my way to visit another cemetery, but when I got to the pinned area on Google map there was NO cemetery at all.  It was starting to get little late and I began to feel tired that I hit the gas to go back to the state park.

After supper Erwin and I went biking for a while, went on Lime Rock trail, but the path became impassible for bicycles, so we did not continue.  We stopped at the boat launch area to admire the pretty colors in the sky and in the water from the sunset.
Both of us were starting to feel very tired, decided not to build a campfire tonight.  We wanted to rest as much as we can so we will feel well enough to go out sightseeing tomorrow.


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