Saturday, March 18, 2017

February 10, 2017 - The Beaches & St. Augustine, FL

Oh, the pillow alarm finally worked!  I was up at 5 am to get ready for photoshooting trip with Michael.  

When I stepped out I was surprised at how chilly it was. I went back inside to get a jacket.  It was 47˚.

Michael met me at Starbucks in St Augustine Beach and we chatted for a little while before heading out to Crescent Beach for moonset and sunrise photoshoot. Michael suggested that I leave the Jeep at Starbucks parking lot and ride with him in his Jeep.

In Crescent Beach, after parking the Jeep on the shoulder, we walked on the Route 206 bridge as high as we could go to get a better view of the setting moon and the river. While we were busy shooting the moon the watchtower guy walked up to us, told us to move away from the drawbridge area.  We wasted little time by getting our gear together and walking to the location that was safe.  I did not get good pictures of the moonset. 

Then we went to the beach off A1A in Crescent Beach.  It was nice that Micahel has 4x4 Jeep that can be driven on the beach. There were no other vehicles in sight. Maybe two or three people were standing on the beach.  It was still chilly and the wind was blowing from the west.
Crescent Beach
My footprints on the sand
The clouds were just above the horizon, and there was a shrimp trawler, not too far from where the sun was supposed to rise.  
After the sunrise we went to Summerhaven, checked out the surroundings. Damages from the recent hurricane were evident. Some houses needed to have roofs replaced, fences needed to be propped up.  There was construction going on near the beach.
Next stop was at Marineland. Michael said there were usually some ospreys eating off fish on top of poles, but there were none when we got there.  Then we went to the beach where there are rocks.  The scenery looked different from the last time Edith and Michael went there in 2013.
Michael wanted to show Edith a few spots, so we went to check them out. Not much acitivity and not many birds around.  No alligators!  

We went to Butler Boat Ramp and it looked so different. It was high tide and the sunken sailboat was not seen out in the water.
We went back to Starbucks, ordered snacks.  Michael brought his laptop to show me how he edits pictures using Lightroom.  I have the program, but was not too sure how to use it effectively. Oh yea, I learned few tips. 

Michael and I had agreed to meet at Mission of Nombre de Dios where the Great Cross is at 5:30 pm.. We thought it might be a good place for Full Snow Moon photoshooting.

Erwin was not feeling too good when I got back home. He thought he may have sore throat and cough.  I took a nap for a while because I was up very early this morning.

After I woke up I had leg cramps!  I scolded myself for not drinking enough water the last few days.  It took a while before I was able to walk. Then I started to feel under the weather. My tummy was upset.  I felt that I was not going to feel good this evening so I texted Michael to let him know that I was not going to meet him.

Erwin wanted soup, but we did not have any.  We settled on breakfast sausages with fried eggs and toast.  

I started to feel worse. I really wanted to get pictures of the full moon, but I was not up to driving a long way to the beach. I decided to drive few miles from the campground to get a good enough view of the moon.  
While I was getting ready to take this
picture somebody had the drone up there


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