Saturday, March 4, 2017

January 16, 2017 - Dunnellon, FL to Old Town, FL

This is our 500th post!

We did not tow the Jeep to the Lil' Home because of signal/brake problem, so I went in the Jeep. Erwin followed later.

We checked out of Rainbow Springs State Park, got on 41 going South to meet Country Route 336.  After several miles of staying on 336 we turned right to get on Highway 19 going north.  There was not much roadside attractions except for these two.
It took little more than an hour and half before we arrived Old Town, FL to visit with Gracie and Jerry for a couple days. 

Gracie' was babysitting her grandson while her son was doing errands.  He was so adorable, will be a year old before end of this month.  He has not walked independently yet, but was able to stand up by himself.

We spent the night chatting with Gracie and Jerry, watching some TV shows.  


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