Saturday, March 25, 2017

February 20, 2017 - Winter Garden, FL

Even though we had a good night’s sleep we still felt woozy and lightheaded.  Coughing was not as persistent as it was yesterday.  

Erwin called the transmission shop to get an update on the Jeep.  The manager explained that he and other guys were trying to finish the job on a RV that had been there much longer, and once it is out they will try to finish our Jeep.

Thank goodness for the modern technology.  I was able to FaceTime with a friend and chatted for a good while.  That helped cheer me up a bit. 

After a long nap we went out for a walk, and Erwin wanted to drop off paperbacks at the recreation center. There were people at the pool and it was a nice day for a good dip.

We just rested, rested and rested to be sure we don’t get a relapse.  Erwin fixed deer liver and onions for supper.


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