Friday, March 17, 2017

February 8, 2017 - Ponte Vedra & St. Augustine, FL

We had a relaxing morning before getting ready to head up to meet with our friends for monthly lunch gathering at Barbara Jeans Restaurant & Bar in Ponte Vedra, FL.

Barbara Jeans is a family owned business.  It specializes in seafood and made-from-scratch, home-style cooking.  There are three locations that they operate: St. Simons Island, GA; Ponte Vedra, FL, and Amelia Island, FL.  The restaurant in St. Simons Island, GA was the first one that got started in 1998.  The one in Ponte Vedra has a beautiful view of the Intracoastal Waterway and there is a back porch/deck where we can sit and watch boats go by.
We highly recommend that if you are in or near Ponte Vedra to have lunch or dinner at Barbara Jeans.  It is ranked #7 out of 50 restaurants in the area.

It was great seeing our friends again.  Diane, Rosalee, Brenda, Harold, Audrey, Mary and I all graduated from Florida School for the Deaf in early 1960's. Clark grew up in Washington State and Jack in North Carolina. Erwin was from Minnesota. 

Erwin's lunch
My lunch
Clark & Rosalee
Brenda & Jack
Harold & Audrey
Back: Jack, Brenda, Harold
Middle: Clark, Rosalee, Diane, Mary, Audrey, Erwin
Front: Who else, but me😀
After lunch we went to visit Brenda and Jack's new house that they just bought last year.  Rosalee and Clark tagged along, also.  We all spent the afternoon chatting and sharing memories.  It was a great afternoon with good friends.  While we were chatting came down the hard rain.  It was getting close to dinner time and we needed to leave to go back to St. Augustine.  

We made it back to St. Augustine alright.  We did not have dinner because we were still full from our hearty lunch, but had light snacks later on during the night.


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