Friday, March 17, 2017

February 9, 2017 - Orange Park, Jacksonville & St. Augustine, FL

The pillow alarm did not go off this morning. After checking to see what the problem was I realized that I did not lock the alarm on last night.  However, we were up early enough to get ready for Erwin's first medical appointment at 9:40 am in Jacksonville, FL. 

The traffic on I-95 was pretty good, no heavy congestion. Few 18 wheelers went over the speed limit at 70 mph. 
Jackonville Skyline as seen from Fuller Warren Bridge
Before checking into the podiatrist's office we stopped at Dr. Underkolfer's office to see if the 11am appointment was still available for Erwin to take instead of waiting until 4 pm appt. It was available, so that will help save gas. 

First appointment was to visit Dr. Scott Jason for follow-up on Erwin’s left foot.  After a quick examination and fielding questions, Scott said he was going to give another cortisone shot.  After that the assistant showed me how to apply support on Erwin’s heel.  Scott also suggested that Erwin get special inserts for his shoes, which he got.
We went to Dr. Underkofler right away after leaving the podiatrist’s office.  They had an opening at 10 am, and Erwin was called in right away.  It did not take long before it was all over.  New permanent crown!  $$$ 😔

Dr. Melanie Carvell wanted to run glaucoma tests on my eyes. No signs of glaucoma and/or cataracts. After the tests we picked up our new glasses that we ordered last week.  
We did not have lunch and were very hungry. Since Erwin has a new crown he cannot eat anything solid for several hours, so we got bowls of soup at Panera Bread in Orange Park.
We picked up groceries at Winn Dixie on our way back to the campground.  There were lots of Buy One Get One Free items, so that helped save $$ on our grocery budget.  Our goal is to spend no more than $175 this month.  Last month we spent way too much.

We were very exhausted from all the driving and go from one appointment to another and stayed home for the rest of the night.  Erwin started on his latest woodburning project.


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