Wednesday, March 22, 2017

February 16, 2017 - Keystone Heights, FL to Winter Garden, FL

The morning was lovely, but it was very nippy.  The robins were all around the campground and few squirrels were busily hunting for foods.

Both of us started to feel a bit better than the last few days.  Plenty of rest, water and Chinese tea did wonders.

It did not take us long to get the rig ready.  Now that the new wood burning tabletop is in place and the old drafting table gone, there is more room to maneuver to the back without tight squeezes. So much better. 

We left Gold Head Branch State Park at 10:30 am, made a left turn to get on Route 21. Then left on FL-100, and some miles later we turned to Country Road 315 South. 

One large pasture had maybe over several hundred beer bottles thrown into it.  The light reflecting on the glass caught our attention and we couldn't believe the sight.  It made us wonder if some people had a vengeance against the landowner.  Such a shame.   

We got on FL 19 South from CR 310. There was a guy on the road, in front of a cop car, removing old reflectors from the middle of the roadway.  Then there is a machine that creates the rumple strips.
We were hungry when it was past 11:30 am and it was still more than one hour away from our destination.  We were in Umatilla, FL when we pulled over to the parking lane and there is a nice looking gazebo overlooking Lake Ebola.  We both agreed that it was a perfect stop for our lunch.  After fixing lunch we went outside to enjoy the view, but realized it was a bit too chilly to stay out for long.  We did not want to get sick again.
We arrived Winter Garden, FL around 1 pm, checked into Winter Garden RV Resort on Colonial Drive.  We were assigned to site #75, an easy pull through site. 
Erwin was on his way out of the Lil' Home when his T-shirt got caught on the handle of the bug guard slide-out, breaking it.  This meant adding it on the "need to fix" list when we take our Lil' Home in for service tomorrow.
The Jeep started to make slipping noises and we decided to take it to AAL Transmission World shop, not far from RV Resort.  While there they tested the Jeep, found that it was missing first gear.   After explaining the procedure for correcting the problem we decided to leave the Jeep with them.  The manager took us back to the resort in a white limo!  It was cool riding in one.  We just wished the ride back was longer than 2 miles.  
The manager is taking us back home in this vehicle
Stretched Limo!!!

The manager driving the limo

The limo leaving after dropping us off at the RV Resort
My good friend, Sarah, lives not too far from Winter Garden, so I texted her and asked her if we could get together this evening.  She replied that she could come visit us, take us out to eat.

Sarah was in my graduating class at Florida Deaf School.  In the classroom I sat next to her.  She was the one who helped pluck my eyebrows while we were on a senior trip to Washington D.C. in 1963.  

After deciding where to eat we went to 4 Rivers Smokehouse on Colonial Drive.  The foods were very good.  The place was almost packed!
There is a tub with Toostie Rolls at the cashier. Of course,
I took some (one of my favorite candies)
After we got back from the restaurant Sarah chatted with us for a while before she went home. It was good to see her again.


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