Friday, March 24, 2017

February 19, 2017 - Winter Garden, FL

I woke up before the pillow alarm went off, started to feel very sick.  I was coughing nonstop and my rib cage started to hurt a bit from excessive coughing.

Yesterday Sarah and I discussed about plans for tomorrow. I made a suggestion to go to Lake Apopka Wildlife Preserve where you can drive on the north shore of Lake Apopka for 11 miles. A natural wildlife attraction.  However, I was feeling ill and I texted Sarah to let her know that I was not up to going out for the day. 

I stayed "home" and spent the morning catching up on our travel blog. Erwin did some errands.  It was nice that Aldi Grocery store was across the street, an easy walk when we found out we were out of this and that.

Throughout the day there were lots of campers walking their dogs at the park.  Some of them so big and some of them so tiny.  We are often asked if we would like to have  a dog or a cat.  No, we do not plan to. We don’t want the responsibility especially when we are always on the go and often don't get back for hours and it just would not be fair for the animals!  We would love to have a pet but not at this time!

In the afternoon I took a long nap.  After the nap I started to feel a tiny bit better, but was still coughing.


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