Tuesday, March 14, 2017

February 3, 2017 - Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach & St. Augustine, FL

Erwin had an appointment with Paul Sturney, Dr. Duffy's assistant, for check-up on both of his knees. He had total left knee replacement in 2011, and he has to have his knee checked up once every year for the rest of his life.  Erwin's right knee was starting to give him problems and X-rays were performed.  It showed that there is not much cushion left and there is a sign of arthritis.  You can see the difference between both of Erwin's knees in the picture.  

After a thorough examination Erwin received a cortisone shot in his right knee.  Then he was given a prescription.  

Left: Knee Replacement 
Right: You can see that there is not much cushion between
fermur (thighbone) and tibia (shinbone).
 The space is supposed to be about !/4"
After leaving the doctor's office we went to CVS Pharmacy to have Erwin's prescription filled while we waited.

We had lunch with Bon and Marilyn at Jason's Deli before our appointment with Dr. Marty at 1:45 pm.  Bon had a medical appointment, too, but had time to come and have lunch with us. It was good to see them again.

We went to Jacksonville Beach for our appointment with the dermatologist, Dr. Marty for annual check-up.  Dr. Marty performed a biopsy on one of the moles I had. She said what I had was called basal cell carcinoma, which is the most common skin cancer, but she was concerned about the shape and size. Erwin was fine. 
Getting ready for examination
Look at Erwin's expression! 
We went to Verzion store in Jacksonville Beach to talk to the sales agent about IPhone 7+ for me.  After he explained how Verizon's Edge plan works I decided to go ahead and get myself a new phone.  I went with Rose Gold color.

We went to Tapestry Park in Jacksonville to get protective shield for my new IPhone and Erwin's, too.  The shield on Erwin's phone had cracks that resulted from a fall during Erwin's hunting trip.  It was a good thing that the glass screen on the phone was intact.
Cracked protective shield
Traffic on 9B was terrible.  Bumper to bumper for more than half an hour. 

We went to Turning Point at Calvary Church on SR 16 in St. Augustine to watch our grandkids, Annabelle and Jonah at soccer practice. They have a game at 10:30 am  tomorrow morning and we plan to come
We were tired when we got back "home".  A full day of driving from point A to point B then to C and so on.  But it was all good.

Erwin worked on his Skull woodburning project while I was resting.


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