Thursday, March 23, 2017

February 17, 2017 - Winter Garden, FL

The pillow alarm did not go off at 6:30 am. It was 6:45 am when I pulled the alarm out of the pillow case to check.  We were lucky that we did not oversleep too long or we would miss the 8 am service appointment for our sweet Lil’ Home (LH).

We were swift in getting things ready, BUT the leveling jacks took forever to cooperate.  It seemed like 15 minutes before the jacks finally retracted after some coaxing by Erwin.  Leveling jacks, why did you chose this morning to misbehave?!  You knew we had an appointment! 

We pulled into Independence RV 10 minutes before 8 am, checked with the service guy to go over the list of things that needed attention.  There is a nice customer lounge with a TV (we did not turn it on).  While I was surfing the ‘net, Erwin checked with Gladys, his cousin.  It was 8:35 am and our LH was still waiting to be taken into the service bay.
Our LH waiting to be brought in
Erwin going over a list of problems that needed attention
Erwin explaining about the problem with refrigerator
Now in the service bay!
Jeff replacing defective clearance lights
The latch for battery storage was broken and had to
be replaced
Jeff replacing the security light. It was broken
Gladys and Ralph,her husband, were vacationing in Orlando at the time, wanted to meet with us. They came by to meet with us at Independence RV. I had never met them before.  Gladys's mother, Esther, was Erwin's daddy's sister.  

We all sat down in the lounge for a while before we went out for breakfast.  One of the guys in the service department recommended us to go to Country House Family Style Restaurant. It is a local spot that serves home cooked meals.  It was ranked #22 out of 102 restaurants in Winter Garden area.  We were satisfied with our meals, stayed a while to enjoy coffee and chat.

We went back to Independence RV and went in the lounge.  Gladys surprised us with the gift: four crotched washrags.  She explained that we need to wash them first before using in order to remove the coatings they put on yarns.  

Erwin explained to Gladys and Ralph about our upcoming trip to the West. Gladys suggested that Erwin contact two of her sisters living in Arizona to see if they will be in town when we come by.  
Gladys and Erwin (first cousins)
Me, Ralph, Gladys and Erwin

Our LH was still in the service bay after Gladys and Ralph left.  When the service was done we requested that they give our Lil' Home a good bath.  
We decided to camp at Winter Garden RV Resort for few nights because the Jeep was still in the shop and we did not have a vehicle to get around in town.  The office was already closed when we pulled in.  The lady from the office was already walking toward her car when she turned around and saw us.  She came up and asked what we were doing.  We told her that we would like to camp for few nights.  She scanned the area, walked toward number #59 and told us we can pay tomorrow morning.
After we set up I quickly started the supper. Then came a knock on the door and Erwin came out to see what was going on.  A lady informed him that the site was hers and she and her family went to Walmart.  They did not leave chairs or patio rug or anything to indicate that the site is occupied.  
The office lady had already left and we did not know what to do.  We had no choice but to close the slideouts and moved out of #59.  Erwin thought there might be some vacant sites.  A risky chance, but we really needed a place to spend the night.  We found one after a short drive around the park, a better site than the one we had!


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