Sunday, March 12, 2017

February 1, 2017 - Jacksonville & St. Augustine, FL

It was a relaxing morning for us.  Nothing too exciting to start the day until Erwin called my brother, James to see if it was possible for us to come visit him and his wife.

James, on the other end, said he will be home until 1 pm and for us to come on over.  His wife was going to be out all day.  It was not far from where we are to James’ house. It was like 20 mins drive.

After announcing my name at the gate the attendant took a while before she let us in the community.  Nothing changed so much in there with the exception of one house having its roof redone.

As we pulled into the street James lives on, Betty Lu, James' wife, left in her car. She did not see us when we went by her.

It was good to see James again.  It was as if we saw each other not too long ago. But, no, the last time was March 3 before we began our trip to the Rockies.  We had lunch with him, chatted about our trip and other issues.  It was 12:45 pm when we left, so James can get ready to go pick up his granddaughter from school.  We agreed to come visit him and the family for dinner this coming Monday.  

We stopped at Camping World in St. Augustine to see if they carry Rand McNally GPS that we had been wanting to buy.  It did not have the model we wanted to get.  

Went to Bed Bath Beyond to pick up a compact flashlight and vibrating pillow alarm.  Then to Publix for grocery shopping. This time I tried my best to use coupons, but there was not much to use.  However, Publix had lots of stuff on Buy One Get One Free, so we picked up a lot of those.  Left the store with $18 + savings. Not bad!

We came home tired, rested after putting the stuff away.  I took the pillow alarm out of the box, read the instructions on how to use it.  I want to see how it works tomorrow morning.  Actually, we don’t need an alarm clock, but we will be going on a trip with a group this summer and we will have to be up at certain time to start the trip.

We went biking after supper, stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get donuts for our “dessert”.  Bad idea, we know, but…


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