Monday, March 13, 2017

February 2, 2017 - Orange Park, Jacksonville & St. Augustine, FL

The pillow alarm clock really worked good.  Vibration was not too powerful, but strong enough to wake me up.  Of course, I hit the snooze button couple times before we were up to get ready for Jacksonville(Jax), FL.  We packed lunches to go because we were trying to cut own on eating out.  
We had three medical appointments today: eye exam and dental cleaning for both of us and foot x-ray/exam for Erwin.

It was a long drive from the campground to Orange Park to have our ‘annual’ eye exam and check-up with Dr Melanie Carvell at 9:45 am.  We had been with her for more than 13 years.  When we moved to Jax from Maryland we were referred to see her by our good friends, Rosalee and Clark.  Erwin was examined first and all looked okay.  Questions were asked if Erwin experienced flashes, floaters, etc because he had retina detachment before.  Then I was next.  I explained to Melanie about the vitreous detachment in my right eye which, at times, causes confusion with my perception of the surroundings.  After the examination Melanie explained that it was too early for me to have cataract surgery, but wanted to set up an appointment for glaucoma exam.  We picked out new frames and it will take about 10 days to pick them up.  An appointment for gluacoma was set up for Thursday, February 9th.  Since our eyes were dilated with drops we were given disposable sunglasses, so we won’t have to squint so hard when we are outside. By the time we left the office it was already past noon and there was not enough time for Erwin to go to Reddi-Arts store to buy stuff he needed for his woodburning.  

Getting ready for Valentine's Day
Because it was less than 45 minutes til our next appointment with the dentist we decided not to eat lunch. We forgot to bring along the incidentals to clean and wash our mouths and teeth.

Next medical stop was to visit Dr. Steven Underkofler, our dentist, for check-up and cleaning at 1 pm.   It is on University Blvd by Atlantic Blvd and is in Southside area.  My sister in law was the one who referred us to Steven after our move down here from Maryland.  Both of us were called in at the same time.  Erwin needed a crown, so they made a temporary crown. An appointment for permanent crown was made for Thursday, February 9th.  Before leaving the office we were given two complimentary bags of toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss.  

Erwin was almost late for his 3:15 pm appointment with Dr. Scott Jason, the podiatrist because the dentist was still working on Erwin’s temporary crown and it was done few minutes before 3 pm.  Well, it was so lucky that the podiatrist’s office is one and half block away from the dentist’s office.  

Even though Erwin was a patient before he was asked to fill out forms because the office do not keep records more than 5 years.  They took two x-rays of Erwin’s left heel. In the exam room the nurse took blood pressure, was concerned about high blood pressure.  It may be due to the fact that Erwin just came in from his dental appointment, which may have triggered his anxiety.   Dr. Scott Jason asked Erwin some questions, examined the foot. When he touched the sensitive area Erwin jerked backwards a bit. The doctor immediately identified the problem as plantar fascitis fibromatosis.  There are two major liagments in the heel and one of them is the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. It connects the heel bone to the toes and creates the arch of the foot.  So, Erwin has inflammed ligaments.  Scott suggested stretching 2 times (a set of 10) a day.  A follow-up appointment was made for Thursday, February 9th.  Now we know that we will be busy on the 9th.
We went to Reddi-Arts store on Henricks Ave, so Erwin can get the stuff needed for his woodburning projects.  The store is well-stocked with watercolor papers, transfers, portfolio sheets, etc.  

Traffic on I-95 going south was backed up for about several miles. It finally thinned out by the time we went past I-295.  We came home very tired and hungry. 


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