Wednesday, March 1, 2017

January 11, 2017 - Crystal River & Dunnellon FL

The sky was blue, nary a single cloud in it!  Lots of small birds were flying back and forth.  Few campers had already left early.

After breakfast and packing our lunch we left to visit historic Dunnellon.  There was not much to see or do in the town, so we just cruised on by.
We decided to visit Inglis and Yankeetown.  Again, there was not much to see or do.  There is a nice looking campground, so we pulled in to get information and to look around.  We won’t mind camping there.  It is far from the civilization, but sometimes that is what we need to just stay put and relax.

We also checked out another campground, Elmer Oaks.  Too crowded and unkept.  RVs were parked too close to each other that you could almost touch the RV next to you!

We got on Route 19 going south to Crystal River, FL, then turned right to go to Crystal River Preserve State Park.  We had lunch while enjoying the view of the gulf.  The visitor center is in sad shape, needs to be revitalized.
Crystal River Preserve State Park Visitors Center
Eating lunch
Next trip was to get on Fort Island Road. There is a beach at the end of the road.  There are two fishing piers.  We visited this place years ago.  We went to the fishing pier and there were few anglers.  The water was little shallow.  In the distance, north of here, you can see the electric plant.  We did not stop to walk on the beach.
American White Pelicans
On our way back fro the beach Edith decided to pull into a parking lot at Shrimp Island Seafood place.  There are some old fishing vessels at the dock and Edith wanted to get pictures. Most of them were way beyond repairs, but still operable.  Pelicans were swimming by the fish cleaning station, hoping to get bits of the discarded fish.  
We went to the town of Crystal River to check out some attractions.  We wanted to check out Crystal River Kings Bay to see if there were manatees out there, but the parking fee was $5, so we turned around and left.
Hammerhead Shark on the side of a building
Sailing Scow Replica on display in Crystal River downtown
On way back to Dunnellon we stopped by to check out RV campground.  Very nice and not so crowded.  The weekly/monthy fee was not too bad, but the place is in the middle of nowhere.  You would have to either drive to Dunnellon or Crystal River for shopping.

After we got back to the state park we went biking for a while, then relaxed out on the patio enjoying the beautiful weather.  Bluebirds, American Robins and warblers came around our site.
Eastern Bluebird
American Robin
I was excited that there were no clouds tonight because I wanted to take some pictures of the moon.  Tomorrow night it will be a Full Wolf Moon.  
Not quite a full moon


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