Sunday, August 31, 2014

June 14, 2014 (54th Day)

 Two BIG events today: 
Sasha's baptism and Hunter's 1st birthday party

Not exactly a crazy frenzy going on in the house, but everyone was doing his/her part to do this and that before we all went to the church for the baptism.

Before we left for the church the house swelled again with the arrival of Keri's other sister and her son from Idaho.
We loaded the foods/tableware in the car.  We hopped in several cars and went to the church in Three Forks.  The foods were brought in the kitchen and Keri's sister started cooking the rice, so by the time the service was over the rice would be ready to be served along with chicken.  


Keri and Edith went over to the church last night to set up tables and did the decorations. This is what it looked like


Sasha looked so beautiful in her white dress.

Hunter napping before the service started
The Traver family after the baptism

We met the bishop and his family and were led to the room where baptism is held in. 
The conductor lead the service with readings and prayers. Keri's sister conducted the singing.  Then all the children were invited to come up to the front to witness the baptism.  Sasha's dad, Dustin baptized her.

Then Sasha's grandmother (Keri's mom) came up and shared her testimony with Sasha.  Keri's dad and sister took turns interpreting the whole service. 

Next was to give blessing to Hunter. He looked so so cute in the white outfit.  Keri's dad and her brother-in-law served as witnesses. When it was done Keri's dad then confirmed Sasha giving her the Holy Ghost. 

We went to the other room where lunch is being served.  Keri chose Hawaiian Haystack. What is it, you may ask?  It starts with a rice base then topped with chicken and chicken gravy. Then there are many different toppings, such as coconut flakes, mandarin oranges, chow mien noodles, peas, diced tomatoes, green onions, chopped celery, slivered almonds, etc.  Each person gets to choose what toppings he/she wants on top of chicken and rice.

After the lunch we cleaned up the room and the kitchen, left the church and went back to the house. It started to drizzle a bit.


Hungry Caterpillar was the theme for Hunter's party.  

Here is Hunter!
Motherly love!

Keri's mom and Hunter
Top: Zella & Nikkol
Bottom: Sasha & Conner
The Birthday Boy!

Hunter was a surprisingly polite li'l Tyke! We expected him to make a mess of a special "Smash" cake made especially for that occasion, What did he do?? He very politely picked the caterpillar from on top the cake and ate it with obvious enjoyment. Then took his hand and patted the cake gently and put some frosting into his mouth. We were hoping he would grab a handful and crush the cake, that didn't happen. He was such a polite boy, so well behaved!
Dustin cutting birthday cake

Double Rainbow after the brief rain
Panoramic view of the rainbow

 After the sunset

Keri receiving a well deserved foot massage from her mom!

After all the guests left for home it was back to normal routine for us all.  Some spent time cleaning up the kitchen, others would be in the living room chatting. We agreed that the party was a success.   

Saturday, August 30, 2014

June 13, 2014 (53rd Day)

It was an overcast morning.  Keri fixed pancakes, bacon and scrambld eggs for breakfast.  Keri's dad needed to go to auto shop to have them check his car.  Dustin had to report to work in Bozeman.  We volunteered to do grocery shopping in Bozeman for Keri, so she and her mom can focus on things at home.  

We went to Safeway, Smith's, Alberston's and Joe's Parkway Market and Edith got everything that Keri needed for the party except for two things.

As we were getting ready to leave Bozeman for home it started to rain. On I-90 going back to Three Forks there was SNOW along the shoulders and on ground in Manhattan. 
It continued to drizzle rest of the way.  The temperature started to drop to 57˚ around 4 pm.

After we got back from grocery shopping we could see the transformation going on in the house.  Decorations up, Table laid out.  Keri and her mom were busy in the kitchen. 

Keri's sister and her family arrived from Utah.  The house is starting to swell with more people, but it is a joyous reunion for Keri and her family. 

Keri's mom getting the food on the table while Keri's sister chatted with kids
Dustin putting up Chinese laterns
Huff..Puff.. He must have blown up over 3000 balloons!
Keri and her mom in the kitchen
Taco Time, baby!!!
Cheesecake filling being baked in the oven 
Dustin, Keri's brother-in-law and Keri's dad chatting away after supper. A relaxing time for the men!
Of course, while the men were sitting around chatting about this and that the ladies sweated in the kitchen trying to get this and that done for two parties: The baptism and Hunter's 1st Birthday Party.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

JUNE 12, 204 (52nd Day)

Again, we woke up to a lovely morning. Simple and quick breakfast was served. The kids were dropped off at the day camp. Dustin was at work.

Keri and Edith spent the day working on party stuff for Sasha's baptism and Hunter's 1st birthday party. What did Erwin do while we ladies were busy? Keeping Hunter out of our hairs and out of the party stuff.

"Hunter, I did this because of my love for you"
"Like it?"
"Dang, I am not tall enough to get the green lantern"

When Keri and Edith were on a break from working on party stuff Erwin went out on the back deck to read a book.
He needs a break, too :-)
An hour or so after the kids got back from the day camp they informed Dustin and Keri that they are supposed to be at the church event at 7 pm, so we hurriedly got everyone in the SUV and the truck and went to Three Forks town center. There were lots of kids and there was this giant inflatable Moonwalk Bounce on the parking lot. The kids had a good time bouncing with their friends.  Then it was time for all of us to go inside the church. The pastor and his assistants led the kids to participate in question/answer game, sing songs on the stage, etc.  There was also a drawing for prizes to be given away.  Conner's ticket # was drawn (we did not remember what prize he got).  There was no interpreter available, so we just sat and watched the Traver kids doing their thing.  We enjoyed it.

After the show was over we all went to the mess hall for refreshments. Cookies and drinks were served. 
Zella and Nikkol with their friend waiting to go inside Moonwalk Bounce
Conner in light blue T-shirt

Making new friends!
The pastor gracefully accepted pie smashing in his face
Look at the mess on his face!
Zella and her friend

"Listen, Mom. They won't let me get another cookie. So, can you go get one for me, please?"
"Fa la la, I got another cookie!"
"Grandpa" Erwin making sure that Hunter gets enough to drink since the room was very warm 
Good Night Y'all!

Full Moon rising above the mountains

Late into the night Keri's parents arrived from Idaho and we were introduced to them.  We stayed up a while to chat before bidding everyone good night.