Monday, March 6, 2017

January 21, 2017 - Horseshoe Beach, FL

I managed to get up before the sunrise, but when I got ready to go outside I realized that it will be too late to drive to the desired spot.  Where we are staying at is on the west side of the town. The sun rises on the east, right? Another time!
We spent most of the day reorganizing two file boxes that had paperwork from 2014 and before.  We discarded receipts, bank statements, invoices, etc.  We also cleaned out some brochures that we collected when we traveled.  We saved all the state maps, but plan to pick up new ones to replace when we visit some states. 

Since we got rid of the sofa bed and replaced it with a recliner we now have more room on the side.  We talked about having someone custom build a file storage box or something like that.  

The wind started to pick up, rocking the Lil’ Home (LH) occasionally. The awning was flapping too much, so Erwin retracted it to avoid the damage.  
Before supper I drove to the dead end of the park.  There were few cars there and people were watching the sunset.  The sunset was pretty, but very short because of the clouds.
After supper we played Chicken Feet domino game and started with Double 7.  It was really fun! I won the game 167-215.

The wind refused to quiet down, constantly rocked the LH.  There were lightning in the distance.  It might rain during the night.

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