Wednesday, March 15, 2017

February 7, 2017 - St. Augustine, FL

It was a very lovely morning. I was tempted to get up early and head to the beach for sunrise photoshooting, but my mind was set on sleeping longer.  Maybe tomorrow?

We did not go off for the day.  Erwin wanted to work on his current woodburning project, finally finished it, so he can start on a new project.  I edited some pictures for the blog.  
At noon Erwin walked to the laundromat that is behind the campground office to do the laundry. The hamper of dirty clothes was overflowed. We usually do the laundry once a week, but this time it was already over a week.

No cooking for me tonight.  Third straight night of no mess in the kitchen. Isn’t that nice? We were invited to have dinner with Camy and Muriel in St. Augustine Beach, FL.

It started to drizzle when we were on way to Camy and Muriel’s house.  We have not had rain in days, so the rain would be welcomed.  
View of the sunset while driving across Route 312 Bridge
We brought a bottle of Dakotah Winery Blush wine along. Trisha and Wendy, Camy’s sister, joined in with us all for dinner. It was wonderful to see them again.  Wendy, Camy and I used to belong to an investment club when they lived in Maryland.  

After the delicious supper we shared stories with the company about our recent trip to the Rockies and Canada.  Camy and Muriel have a 34’ Class A motorhome, and wanted to get tips from us.  We advised Camy to download few apps that are very helpful for camping. 
From left: Erwin, Trisha, Wendy, Camy, Muriel and I
We had lots of fun with the company, laughed our heads off a lot.  We talked about school and college days, travel experiences,  It was already past 10 am when we thanked them for the wonderful dinner and the time spent together.  

As soon as we got on Route 312 bridge the rain came down very hard. Thunder and Lightning!  It continued to rain when we got back to the campground. There were puddles around our Lil’ Home.  

I made a plan to get up early tomorrow morning and go to the beach for sunrise photography, but I may change my mind again. Wait and see!


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