Tuesday, October 17, 2017

July 4, 2017 - Homer Spit, AK

We needed to be at the fishing dock by 5:45 am, so we were up very early to get things ready, packed our lunches and snacks. 

Twenty two Newmar Caravan members were present for the Halibut fishing trip.  We went on The Irish boat that is chartered by North Country Halibut Charters. 

We had Captain J.R. And two deckhands on the trip. The boat went out about 15-20 miles in Lower Cook Inlet. It took about an hour or more before the anchor was dropped and the fishing lines were dropped in the water. 

Nancy was the first one to land a huge 70+ pacific Halibut.  Then Pam was the next to get a good sized one.  Erwin caught three, but was allowed to keep two per fishing regulations. The first fish I caught was an undersized Halibut which was thrown back in the water to let it grow more.  Then the second fish was a Ling cod (a very ugly looking fish). 

A total of 42 Halibuts were harvested by all of us.  On our way back to the boat harbor the captain gutted and filleted the fish while we were inside the cabin to relax and to eat snacks.
From left: Erwin, Gary, Wanda, Donna & Nathan
Oour bait and hooks

Steve & Donna Y.
Erwin taking a nap while Don looked on
Ready for action!
Here comes the Halibut
Pam with a big smile after landing a nice sized Halibut
Steve waiting for action to start
Gary & Wanda
Steve & Erwin with their catch
Gary caught a shark
Donna Y.

Photobombed by Richard
Ron with his catch
I hooked a Ling cod, but it was thrown back in the water
Captain J.R. counting the catch

Yeah, I needed a nap after a hard work
Nancy & Brian
The largest Halibut (70 pounds)  up there was caught by Nancy
The Caravan crew
Pam & her son, Nicholas
Thanking the Fish God for our good catch
While we were still on the boat Kat from Michigan texted to see if she and her dogs could come visit us for a short while.  She was in Ninilchik, 30 miles from Homer. I told her to come on over after we get back to the campground.  

It was our first time meeting Kat in person. We "knew" each other through Deaf RVers Facebook page for deaf campers.  

Erwin, me & Kat
Kat's two dogs
After Kat left we were really exhausted and our arms were sore from fishing.  Nevertheless, we had a wonderful day.