Friday, September 22, 2017

June 22, 2017 - Whitehorse, YT to Dawson City, YT

Erwin and I were up at 5 am. It was a cloudy morning and we hope it is not going to rain during our trek to Dawson City, Yukon. Our Sea Turtles team was scheduled to leave the campground at 6:30 am.
However, our team left Pioneer RV Park 15 minutes earlier than scheduled. We got back on Alaska Highway1 then to Klondike Highway 2.  The road conditions were not too bad.
 First stop was to get a huge cinnamon bun at Braeburn Lodge.  We were here 5 years ago, and we have to say that the size is not as HUGE. We were somewhat disappointed, but went ahead and picked up one to go ($10).

Braeburn Lodge is also an official checkpoint for the 1,000 mile Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race, which is held during February between Whitehorse, Yukon and Fairbanks, Alaska.
 Next stop was to visit the remains of the historic Montague Roadhouse. The original roadhouse was built in 1900 at a different site.  It was burned down, and after a replacement was built it was burned down again in 1909.  The log house was used as a shelter for those coming in from the cold during the stagecoach route.  Back in old days passengers paid $1.50 for meals and $1 for one night stay.  It was in existence until the 1950's and was abandoned.
We continued our journey until we arrived Carmacks, which was named for George Carmack, who had a trading post during 1890's.  Mr. Carmack came up to the North with hopes of striking rich in gold.  However, during ten years spent prospecting for gold Mr. Carmack did not have any luck.  The trading post went bankrupt, and Mr. Carmack and his family moved elsewhere. There he finally found gold! After the word went out about his discovery the Klondike Gold Rush began.
The Klondike Highway Bridge crossing the Yukon River
The Five Finger Islands

See a puppy in the clouds?
Gravel Lake
An important wetland for migratory birds
Remains of Dredge pilings after Gold Mining
We arrived Dawson City before 1 pm, checked into Gold Rush RV Park.  After getting our Lil' Home set up we went off to do some exploring.
 We visited Dawson City five years ago, remembered many attractions.
St. Paul's Church
Inside the church
St. Andrews Church that was built in 1901
 We were driving along the highway when Erwin spotted an active gold mining, pulled in to watch the action.  Erwin joined in to help the guy by loosening big rocks, so they can go through the chute.  He did it for about 45 minutes before calling it quits. Of course, he did not get paid! He did not mind because it was fun.

Moving rocks so gold bearing dirt falls through the holes

Erwin enjoyed doing this, and he wished he could have stayed there all day!
Moving the waste away
Panning for gold!
That Yellow bit there is gold!
 After the mining we went further south for photo ops like the one below.
After supper we drove up to the Midnight Dome, a very popular sightseeing destination for watching the midnight sun.  It was very cloudy when we were up there.  A guy, sitting in the bench, told us about his observation of the setting/rising sun the other night.  He explained that the sun set down around 1 am and made an appearance at 3 am!  I would love to be here to witness it, but don't know if I can stay up that late. 

The view of Dawson City was awesome. We can see the Yukon River, Top of the World Highway, and Klondike Valley. 
Wood Carved Bench that affords people to see 360 degree views of the area

It was taken at 10: 45 pm


Miles driven: 331+ miles from Whitehorse, YT to Dawson City, YT
Campground: Gold Rush RV Park for 3 nights