Wednesday, August 16, 2017

June 6, 2017 - Edmonton & Acheson, AB Canada

This morning we took our filthy Lil' Home (LH) as it needed a good bath or shower!  It had been over 4 months since it had had its last bath. There were, as expected, lots of bug splatters on the front panel.  What we need is a high pressurized wand that will do the job of removing most of them. 

After googling for the truck/RV wash services we decided to go to Flyin's Truck Wash on 116th Avenue NW in Edmonton. They offer two types of services: full service and self-service.  After talking to the manager we decided to have full service because they will do the job faster and better than we would.  It took them 45 minutes to wash/wax our LH.  The LH came out sparkling clean, just like what we remembered when we first laid our eyes on it at RV dealer in 2015.

 We were advised to have our diesel tank filled up before the beginning of our Alaska/Yukon Caravan trip, so after the wash we went to Flying J before heading back to the campground.

We also had the propane tank filled up before going back to the campground. Cross Country RV store, next door to Glowing Embers RV Park, sells propane for $1.04 CD per liter and it cost us roughly $30.
After getting back to the campground we prepared a quick lunch, gathered our stuff needed for our afternoon's outing to visit Fort Edmonton Park and downtown Edmonton.

Fort Edmonton is a history museum and vintage attraction in Edmonton, AB, has an iconic steam train, eating and shopping experiences, live shows and more.  The steam train was not in service when we were there, so we rode on the street car to visit attractions. We spent most of the afternoon strolling, checking out historic buildings, etc.. 





Roadside Attractions:

Talus Dome - roughly 900 steel balls
On way back to Acheson we made a side stop to visit downtown Edmonton.
Edmonton Skyline as seen from the park across Saskatchewan River
Edmonton is the capital city of the provience of Alberta, Canada
We, the Newmar Caravan members, meet at the hall for dinner and travel briefing.  Steve/Karen and Gary/Wanda provided chili, salad and rolls.  

Each couple were introduced with background and information.  Afterwards Steve gave a talk about how the caravan works and how to read The Milepost book that each couple got in the mail.  Gary explained about dividing 21 rigs into 4 teams: Moose, Bears, Eagles and Sea Turtles.  We signed up to be on the Sea Turtles team with Richard/Eileen, Bill/Donna, Ted/Dee and Brian/Nancy, all from Florida.  They belong to a local chapter in Florida called Sea Turtles. 
Gary and Steven carrying a crock pot to the table
Banana Pudding
From left: Karen, Steve, Gary and Wanda