Thursday, March 2, 2017

January 15, 2017 - Dunnellon, FL

After late breakfast we went biking for over 5 miles.  We took the tram trail, biked ’til the very end of the trail where there is Rainbow Springs river.  There were kayakers, and stand up paddlers.  Few boats went by.  The weather was just gorgeous for these activities.  
At the tram trail
Bird Nest
See how clear the water is!
So clear you can see the fish!
Fall colors stubbornly hanging on!
At Rainbow Springs dock
After we got back from biking we spent time sitting outside.  More RVs were starting to arrive.  At one time, there were 6 RVs waiting to check in.  

There are 6 sites here that cannot be reserved online, only walk-ins.  The site we are currently staying at is one of them.  If we want to stay here longer we can tell the ranger office; however, we are ready to “move” to another state park or to our friends’ house, north of here.

We have 13 more days to visit/explore in other towns/cities before we come to St. Augustine where we will stay for 2 weeks.  

Edith prepared beef stew for supper. There was plenty left even with our second helpings!  We love leftovers cause they make less work for the next meal and tastier too!

Edith biked to the kayak/canoe launch area to get pictures of the sunset.  There were some campers wading in the springs.  There is a fishing pier not far from the launch, but it is closed due to damages.


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