Thursday, March 9, 2017

January 25, 2017 - Horseshoe Beach, FL

The boat ramp was busy with trucks and boat trailers and the parking lot was filled up fast.  The weather was just gorgeous, perfect for boating/fishing.

We dropped off a package at Horseshoe Beach Post Office, then went to the marina to use its wifi to check our emails, news, etc. There was an osprey on a mast, but it was too far away for me to get a sharp shot.  There were still lots of pelicans hanging around.
Since the weather was beautiful we spent time sitting outside.  I did not stay out long because I went back to the marina to finish the post for our travel blog. When I got back to the campground Erwin was not sitting outside.  He was inside!  I asked him why.  “Gnats and bugs”, he complained.

The sky turned overcast quickly, blocking the sun from shining through.  I was hoping the sky would clear up a bit because I wanted to get the last picture of the sunset.  We are checking out of here tomorrow.

The afternoon was quiet for us with Erwin reading Stuart Woods paperback and I editing pictures, making travel notes and coloring a page.

I looked out the window and thought that maybe I could get a picture of the sunset. There was empty space between the clouds and the horizon.  I went to the dead end  park and was surprised that I was the only one there.  

Later on few vehicles came by, but did not stay for the sunset.  A guy in a golf cart with two daschund dogs stopped by and talking, but I had to tell him I did not understand.  However, he started to talk slowly and plainly and said “I think the sun will come down”. He nodded and smiled, then left.  I was not too sure about the sun coming down.  

Patience paid off when the sun finally peeked out of the clouds.  I snapped quite a lot of pictures, hoped for few best ones.   I was disappointed that the civil colors did not happen few minutes after the sunset. 
When I got back from photoshooting Erwin had supper ready.  We had meatloaf leftovers along with baked potatoes and vegetable medley.  


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