Monday, March 6, 2017

January 20, 2017 - Old Town, FL to Horseshoe Beach, FL

It rained during the night, but stopped before we were up.   We went to visit with Gracie and Jerry for coffee chat.

We left Gracie and Jerry’s house around 10:15 am, stopped at Lucky Charm RV Park to see if we can get fresh water tank filled up, but the office was closed. There was none around to come and help, so Erwin went to one vacant spot.  After turning the faucet on he changed his mind because the water was coming out so brown (too much iron).

We stopped at Gator Gas to get the propane tank filled up.  15 gallons for $48.

Erwin parked our Lil’ Home behind Hardee’s, rode with me in the Jeep to go grocery shopping at Hitchcock’s. We picked up lots of fresh produce, bags of chips, and 4 gallons of water.

After dropping Erwin off at Hardee’s I went to Horseshoe Beach, FL and waited for Erwin to arrive. We were very much relieved to find that our favorite campsite #8 was available at the campground/boat ramp.  There were campers at #7 and #6.  

The view of the gulf looked pretty much the same except for one new addition (debris brought in from the hurricane).  As usual, the seagulls and pelicans were on the small island, resting and basking in the sun.
Debris that was not there before
"Look, I am bigger than you are, little brother"
I went bike riding to see what damages were done from the recent hurricane that happened last fall.  Many docks were destroyed and the restaurant was badly damaged.  I drove to the dead end park, parked the Jeep, set up my camera and tripod and waited for the sunset. Few other people were there to enjoy the view.  The sunset was very lovely.
We met our next door campers from Illinois. They said last year they discovered this campground by accident after driving into town. They liked it so much that they decided to come back here this year.  They plan to go back to Illinois in April.

The local resident came to collect camping fees. She mentioned that it will be her 20 years of service.  A very nice lady and she lives not too far from the campground/boat ramp.

We played Chicken Feet domino game, played up to Double 6 with Erwin leading at 41-49. We will resume the game tomorrow night and start with Double 7 and up.  It is a fun game. Thanks to our friends, Bon and Marilyn, for teaching us the game when we all camped together at Highlands Hammock during New Year’s.

I went out to check and see if the night sky is clear of clouds. I stepped into a hole, fell and sprained my right ankle and left knee.  I will probably be very sore tomorrow.  Anyway, there were too much clouds, so no Milky Way photos 😔 


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