Sunday, March 5, 2017

January 19, 2017 - Tampa & Old Town, FL

It was VERY foggy when we left Old Town, FL at 8 am.  The visibility was less than 1/4 of a mile. The fog disappeared 40 miles after we left the town.
We decided, at the last minute, to go to RV Rally Show at Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, FL because we wanted to get a new GPS for our Lil’ Home.  Also, Erwin wanted to get a set of LED light bulbs for the light fixtures. Certain type of LED light bulbs are hard to find at stores.  Last year at the RV Rally Show there was a booth selling different kinds of bulbs and we bought some.  We need more for spares.

Of course, we had to stop at a bank to withdraw cash, so we can buy things at the show.  Even though we have credit cards we try not to use them. 

We arrived Florida State Fairgrounds at 11 am. The entrance fee for vehicles was $6 and the admission fee was $10 per person.  We had $1 off admission fee good for up to 2 people, so we paid $18.  
Erwin’s heel was still hurting and he planned to rent a scooter, but the day rate was $55. He changed his mind, said he’ll just walk slowly and carefully.
The first building we went in had expensive motor coaches on display.  The first motor coach, made by Newell, was not open to the public because it was SOLD!  This one cost over a million dollars!
After looking at some Class B and C we went to a different section where there are vendor booths.  We were looking for Techno RV booth because we wanted to buy GPS.  After walking all over we could not find Techno RV.  This means we will have to get online and order the GPS.  
We went to a different building where there are more booths.  Erwin brought a defective LED light bulb that we bought from the vendor last year January.  The vendor was surprised that the light bulb was flickering uncontrollably , said he had never seen it happen before.  We got a new replacement without charge.  While there Erwin decided to get 4 more bulbs because he wanted to replace the non-LED bulbs to save energy.

We wanted to check out 2017 Newmar motor coaches and went inside few Ventana ones.  More roomy than our floorplan. The refrigerator is a full-sized kind, just like the one at home.  One motor coach has a small dishwasher!  The average asking price for Ventana is around $300k. 
We were very tired from all the walking for several hours. Erwin’s heel started to bother more, so we left the show around 5 pm.  

We had supper at the Hungry Greek in Wesley Chapel, FL.  The gyros was very good, but the dolmades were sub-par.  Erwin had gyro meal with lemon Chicken soup.  

We got back to Old Town, FL around 8:15 pm.  


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