Friday, March 10, 2017

January 28, 2017 - Horseshoe Beach, FL

Neither one of us did not turn the furnace on during the night, but we were toasty under the downy comfort.

I pulled up the front shade, was surprised to see that the gulf was at super low tide!  In the distance American White Pelicans were scooping for fish.  Near the campground the Brown pelicans were busily diving for fish.  Few boats went out, but they had to be extra cautious when channeling through narrow inlet. 
It was 46˚ when I went out to get some pictures. The winds were still blowing. 
Around lunchtime I went to the marina to use wifi, so I can post travel notes for the blog. While I was waiting for the post to be published I noticed a bird sitting on a post.  At that time I did not know what kund of bird it was.  I quickly grabbed my camera, went out, walked slowly to get a close look at it.  It was immature black crowned night heron perching on a pole.  After I snapped two pictures the bird left!  Whew! At least, the two pictures came out great.
The afternoon found us staying inside the Lil’ Home to keep warm. Since we are still in Florida our friends asked us if we would be interested in hosting monthly lunch gathering with them and other friends.  When we lived in Jacksonville, FL we and other friends would take turns hosting lunch gathering every month except during summer months.  It went on for more than 8 years. After checking out our calendar we found that we could host it on Feb 8th, so I spent time googling for restaurants in Jacksonville, FL. 

The winds were still blowing and the sky started to turn dark.  The weather forecast called for rain late in the afternoon. Erwin turned the furnace on because it started to feel chilly

It did not rain, but there was a light mist and it did not last for long.  The clouds took over, blocking the sun’s exit.  I thought to myself that I may not have any luck with astrophotography tonight.
After supper I went outside to check the sky. Yeah, no stars! That meant the clouds are all over.  I hoped tomorrow night will be clear.

A restful night for both of us.  


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