Thursday, July 28, 2016

June 1-30, 2016

Again, this is a condensed month blog instead of daily blog because there were so many things going on everyday and Edith was not able to keep track of daily activities.

June 3-5 Edith was with Keri and her three girls for Little Miss Colorado pageant in Thornton, CO.  The girls competed in Great Northern division.  Zella won the Ultimate Grand Supreme (Miss Great Northern States) and Sasha got Grand Supreme and Grand Talent Supreme (she signed National Anthem in American Sign Language).  Nikkol took the Mini Grand Supreme.

We went camping at Kim's Marina/RV Resort in Canyon Ferry, MT during June 9-12. We, along with Keri and her family, rented a pontoon for 2 days to enjoy boating and to let kids have a splash in the lake.  At nights there were games to be played at a tent that was hosted by deaf campers.  Edith was not feeling too good the whole time, kept saying she felt different.  She thought maybe it was because of high cholesterol that might affect her physical and mental state. 

Faces were handpainted by Keri's good friend, Trisha 

Hunter became 3 years old on June 12 and we all took him out for dinner at Wasabi in Bozeman, MT. It is hard to believe that three years ago Edith took a look at Hunter when he was 15 minutes old after being born and Hunter captured her heart.

Monday the 13th Edith decided to check into Three Forks Clinic to be examined and to have bloodwork done.  The lab result came back two days later and it showed cholesterol to be within range. The doctor thought there might be pressure on Edith's temple and prescribed medication.

We took our Lil' Home to MCM Motorcoach and Truck Repair to see if they can find what was wrong with air conditioning that was not blowing cold.  They found a leaky valve and had it replaced. They also added freon. 

Keri's parents came to visit with Keri and her family for few days, so we took a trip to Kalispell, MT, camped at Rocky Mountain Hi RV Park.  We spent the weekend exploring areas before returning back to Three Forks, MT. 

Lunch at Cherry's BBQ in Polson, MT

Beautiful view of the Mission Mountains and Flathead Lake at West Shore Park

On way to Missoula, MT from Kalispell, MT we came to an accident scene that just happened seconds before our arrival near Dixon, MT.  Several passerbys came to take care of the victims. One was pulled out from the upside down vehicle.  One of the passerbys was a paramedic and he had first aid kit with him, and advised Erwin to bring our fire extinguisher just in case.  We waited for about half an hour before the police ordered us to leave.

Before heading back to Three Forks we decided to get on Montana 1 to go to Philipsburg, Mt to spend a night there.  We stopped at a store that sells handmade soaps and picked up 3 bars.  We stayed at Inn at Philipsburg RV campground.  

Notice the heart shaped erosion in the background
June 19 we took Keri and Dustin out for dinner at Montana Ale Works in Bozeman, MT.  The foods were fabulous especially truffled parmesan fries!  Good company, good food, good cheer!
Dustin & Keri - adorable lovebirds

We were in jolly mood after great dinner and dessert!
June 22 Edith and Keri, along with Sasha, Nikkol and Zella, went to Las Vegas, NV for overnight stay before continuing the trip to Anaheim, CA for Ultimate Dream Queen pageant.  Keri's best friend, Esther and her boyfriend, Terry, were there.  Even though we were very busy with getting the girls ready for each of their routines we had a great experience. Nikkol and Zella got new bicycles, but Zella decided to donate hers to someone who is in need of one.  

While we were still in CA Erwin went with Dustin and Hunter to meet Dustin's good friend, Mick and his 3 year old son at indoor rock climbing. Hunter had a good time climbing.  

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

April 25 - May 31, 2016

This is going to be a condensed month blog instead of daily blog because we stayed in Three Forks, MT for a while.
Kalista (she is always smiling)

Hunter sporting a fake mustache
During our stay Keri had some projects for Erwin to do around the house and Edith helped her with sewing outfits for the pageant.  

Edith and Keri worked the styrofoam props for pageant: Cheshire Cat for Sasha's Alice in Wonderland routine, McDonald "M" letter for Zella's McDonald routine and the Aladdin Castle for Nikkol's Genie routine.  A lot of glue and glitter were used.  Of course, there were loose glitter inside the Lil' Home because Edith's clothing and shoes were the culprits.

For Mother's Day we took Keri and Dustin out for brunch at Pompey's Grill at Sacajawea Hotel in Three Forks, MT.  

Dustin & Keri getting their meals from the buffet

Who can resist a wide array of desserts?!?!?

We played The Settlers of Catan game after the brunch
Erwin went with Dustin and his friend, Mick, for elk horn hunting at Wall Creek Wildlife Management Area, south of Ennis, MT.  They did not have any luck finding horns. There was snow coming down on the ground.

Dustin in the truck waiting for the gate to open 
There was already a long line of vehicles waiting to go in

On Sunday the 15th we went to Lee Metcalfe Park near Norris, MT where we spent our leisure time there and the kids had fun playing, wading and fishing.

Zella, Dustin, Nikkol, Erwin, Hunter & Conner
Two beautiful gals
Keri & Kalista

Great supper after our day trip
On the 16th of May we went to Billings, MT for service on our Lil' Home (LH) at Pierce RV.  We had made an appointment for the diagnosis on some problems.  They did not take the LH in for service until Tuesday morning.  On Wednesday Edith decided to go back to Three Forks in the Jeep.  On her way she made several side trips using the back roads. 

Saturday, May 21 Keri had two belated birthday parties for Nikkol (8) and Zella (7).

Thursday, May 26 Edith, along with Keri and her three girls, drove to Las Vegas, NV to spend overnight before heading to West Coast Fabulous Faces pageant in Van Nuys, CA.   In Utah on way back home from Las Vegas, NV Edith was pulled over for speeding 13 mph over the posted speed limit! It was a good thing that the cop only gave Edith a warning ticket. While the gals were away Erwin went with Dustin, Conner and Hunter to Livingston, MT to watch the horses being herded from one town to a summer pasture.

Hunter declared that all horses are HIS!
Almost every night after supper we would play Ticket to Ride game with Keri and Dustin. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

April 24, 2016 - Harlowtown, MT to Three Forks, MT

A very grey morning.  It started to drizzle some as we had breakfast.  We were surprised we had a good night’s sleep even thou the Lil’ Home was not parked on a level surface.  It leaned more on the left side where our bed was.  Maybe it was because we were so tired.

We left Harlowton at 9:30 am, got back on Highway 12.  The road narrowed as we went past the town of Haymaker.  No shoulder to pull over in case.  Had to slow down. The clouds started to get darker all around, but more on the west behind us.

The view of the Crazy Mountains (as seen from southwest going on 12 West) was beautiful and breathtaking. Why the name?
The name Crazy Mountains is said to be a shortened form of the name "Crazy Woman Mountains" given them, in compliment to their original Crow name, after a woman who went insane and lived in them after her family was killed in the westward settlement movement. (Source: Wiki)

There were plenty of Pronghorns and sandhill cranes in the field.  The scenery was beyond beautiful. The roads were rolling. The road started to get wider as we entered Meagher County. Now Erwin can relax a bit.

We took a rest break at the historic point on US 12 (about 24 miles east of White Sulphur Springs, MT) - The Carroll Trail  In 1874, the owners of the famed Diamond R Freighting Company tried to steal the lucrative steamboat trade from Fort Benton merchants by building a new port on the Missouri River.  However, when the road got wet it became “greasy, slippery, fathomless mass of clinging mud, through which the straining animals could hardly drag the heavily-weighted wheels”. The Diamond R company failed to make money and abandoned the post in 1876.

Our Lil' Home (LH) climbed over 5,000 feet  There were rain/snow clouds in the distance.

We arrived White Sulphur Springs at 10:55 am  Most of the campgrounds were not open until mid May.

Approaching Townsend (26 miles away) rolling roads with mountain views. It started to sprinkle 16 miles before Townsend.  Road was bumpy for several miles.

We had a lunch/coffee break in Townsend off US 287 South.  While lunching we saw a flock of American White Pelican flying in V formation going north. There were three separate groups.

We arrived Wheat Montana Bakery in Three Forks at 1 pm, left our LH there, drove the Jeep to Keri and Dustin’s house.

It was wonderful seeing our proxy family again.  After discussion Dustin took Erwin to Wheat Montana and Erwin drove the LH to the house.  He was good at backing up the LH to the desired spot.  Of course, the ground was not level and we had to add wood blocks under the front tires after leveling.

Keri prepared Mexican style dinner for supper.  Then we then played two games: The Settlers of Catan and 1910 Ticket to Ride.  

Saturday, July 9, 2016

April 23, 2016 - Billings, MT to Harlowtown, MT

The sky is grey.  It was chilly and windy. We had to wear flannel shirts again.  

Erwin filled up the fresh water tank in preparation for our trip out of Billings, MT.  The old water pump miraculously got another life to it. We could not figure out why it was working again this morning.  Erwin went to the parts store, but it was not open until 9 am. We had to wait til it was open to see if they have the water pump we needed. They did and we bought a spare just in case it went on the blink again.

When we were ready to check out we discovered that the steps would not close at all! What else?!  Erwin had to call in a technician to see if the step can be manually closed. He brought a can of WD-40 and lubricated it (even though there is a sticker on the step that no lubrication is needed) the nuts/bolts.  It finally closed, but not 100%.  At least, it is closed when we travel. We finally left Pierce RV Superstore at 11 am (rather late to start the trip, but we wanted the problems taken care of first)

Erwin got diesel fill-up for our Lil’ Home (LH) at Costco gas station while Edith waited in the Jeep . After it was done we moved to a space where we can hook the Jeep to the LH.  We then walked to Costco store to pick up few items.  We also got a quick and inexpensive lunch there.

While on way to Zimmerman Trail an old school bus converted into a mini home pulled up in front of us.

Our LH had no trouble climbing the steep grade to Rimrock Road.  We got a better view because of our high clearance in the RV.  Gorgeous view.

We turned left on MT 3 after the climb.  Lots of farmlands along the route.  

Old grain elevator in Comanche, MT on MT 3. Can barely see the snowcapped mountains (Big Snowy Mtns and Little Snowy Mtns)

Old grain elevator
Turned left on US 12 from MT 3 toward Harlowton, MT. Lovely view of the farmlands, rolling roads. Clouds started to turn darker, but they were beautiful to look at

It started to sprinkle a bit. More rain clouds were developing all around. Wind became stronger, kept pushing LH off the lane.  Erwin had to constantly struggle to keep the LH inside the lanes, It was not an easy task!

We decided to stop in Harlowton, MT to spend the night, parked on Central Ave S, the side street near historic downtown area. 

The wind was constantly blowing hard rocking the LH occasionally.  Edith took a hour and half nap first then Erwin took one later. 

For supper we had rotisserie chicken that we picked up at Costco this morning. 

Erwin went out for a walk, said it was really cold and he needed extra layers for warmth.