Wednesday, March 8, 2017

January 22, 2017 - Horseshoe Beach, FL to Cross City, FL

Oh boy! The winds refused to give up, packed punches all morning long.  I could not sleep, decided to get out and go color one pattern. Yes, I managed to keep the colors within the line. 😃

The fog was heavy and it did not rain too much last night.  The boat ramp area was empty. Guess no one wanted to go boating with the heavy, blowing winds.
My right ankle started to feel a tad bit better, but my left thigh and knee were still bothering.  Going down and up the steps was what really bothered me.

I spent the morning going through more paperwork that was not done yesterday.  The portable file boxes are now tucked behind the recliner.  

Erwin and I biked around for a bit, stopped at the marina to check out the store and the pub. There were lots of pelicans sitting on docks nearby.  I took videos of pelicans taking off while Erwin walked up to them.  
The Canal

The Canal
Damaged docks from the recent hurricane
The restaurant suffered extensive damages
The water started to come up higher and higher
The stormy skies
If you look up you will see a picture of pelicans sitting
on this very dock early this morning
The water has crept over the land and into some homes
Calm before the storm
The winds started to pack a lot of punches, shaking our Lil’ Home.  We were not too sure what the weather was going to be like. I looked up the weather app, was surprised to find that there was a tornado watch and coastal flood warning.  

After supper we debated if we should stay put or get the hell out of here.  Next door campers decided to stay, but moved their Class B further away from the shoreline.
The water has come up higher
It doesn't look like it but the water level is about
 a foot lower from where Edith is standing!
We decided to go to Cross City, FL to spend the night at a parking lot.  Erwin suggested to go back to Gracie and Jerry’s house, but we had already paid for 4 more nights at Horseshoe Beach.  We wanted to wait til tomorrow morning to see what the weather forecast is like before making a decision.

We parked behind Dixie County Courthouse.  Not much traffic here because it was Sunday and the courthouse was closed.

While we were disappointed that we had to leave Horseshoe Beach we were somewhat relieved to know that we were safe from harm’s way.


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