Wednesday, March 8, 2017

January 24, 2017 - Horseshoe Beach, FL

Wow! A big difference out in the gulf!  Super low tide! The winds were not as bad as it was yesterday.  Pelicans were busy diving in the water to get fish.  Only two boats were already out when we had breakfast.

The lady, in charge of the campground, came by to let us know that the door at the bathhouse was shut and locked that was caused by the strong winds. She could not get it to open and wanted to check to see if we do use the bathhouse or not.  Erwin told her that we have our own bathroom.

I went to the marina to see if there was something I could get pictures of.  Oh yes!  Lots of pelicans!  Some were perching on posts, some on the dock, some on the water taking a bath.  To take a bath a pelican would duck in the water, splash the water with its wings.  It was fun watching them do that.  I was able to catch a few good pictures. I stayed there for about an hour.
Juvenile Brown Pelican bathing!
Adult Brown Pelican
Great Egret
Nice reflection!
I decided to make meat loaf using deer burger.  It came out very delicious and there was no fat because the meat was very lean.  There was enough left for tomorrow’s supper.

We had fun playing Double Twelve Dominoes game. We resumed the game starting with Double 7 because last night we played from Double Zero to Double 6. 

I prepared cherry cobbler for dessert, so we can have dessert while playing the game.  Of course, I had a can of whipped cream on hand.  Plenty of it on each bowl! 

The stars were shining brightly when I stepped out to check.  I wanted to wait a couple more hours for the sky to get real dark, so I can get pictures of the Milky Way.  A couple hours later I went out again. What?!  Where are the stars!?  The clouds had taken over.  Oh phooey!  


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