Sunday, April 2, 2017

February 25, 2017 - Live Oak, FL

It was cloudy, but the sun tried its best to shine through some clouds and it succeeded.  A good day for sightseeing.

I checked Tripadvisior to see what attractions are there to see and do in the town center of Live Oak, FL.  Not much.  We still wanted to go out for a drive.  We decided not to pack lunch to go because we thought we may eat out while in town.

We made side stops along US 90.  First stop, a stone’s throw from the campground, was to visit an old historic steel bridge that spans over Suwannee River.

We then continued traveling on US 90 going East toward the town of Live Oak, FL.  We made several side stops along the way to allow me to get pictures.
I wanted to check out the old Highway 90 bridge that is on Suwannee River, which is called Ellaville Bridge.  It was built in 1931 during the Great Depression.  The bridge was abandoned when a new Highway 90 bridge built in 1980's, bypassed it.

The new Highway 90 Bridge
On way to Live Oak town there was an abandoned house. I wished these walls could tell us what went on in it during its use.  The sun was shining on it just the way I like it. Perfect for photography.

We cruised through the town of Live Oak, checking out different buildings, murals, etc.  The Suwannee County Courthouse is beautiful.  It was built during 1889-1904.  The architectural style is Renaissance Revival.  It was added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1998.
We checked out the neighboring areas, saw some abandoned homes.  There were lots of azaleas in full bloom. Some white, some pink and lots of red ones.
I wanted to check out Live Oak Cemetery (Eastside) on Davis St. NE.  Just a few interesting ones.
We went by Live Oak Union Passenger Depot, but it was closed.  It was built in 1909. Not too far from the Depot was a fire station, and there is an old firetruck in the garage.  There was no living human around, so I helped myself inside the garage to get a picture. 
I found another cemetery, City of Live Oak Cemetery, at 110 Winderweedle St. NW. It is bigger than the one I went to recently.  Some interesting ones.
We were done with sightseeing for now, so we went back to the state park.  After we got back we went out for a bike ride.  There is an old Columbus Cemetery inside the state park and we wanted to check it out.  It was an easy bike ride on the nature trail to the cemetery.

The Old Columbus Cemetery served Columbus, which was a thriving town of 500 people during mid 1800's.  It stood near the Confederate earth-works fort.  It is considered one of the oldest in Florida. 

After supper we built a campfire, relaxed by it until the night became dark.


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