Wednesday, March 8, 2017

January 23, 2017 - Cross City, FL to Horseshoe Beach, FL

Erwin was awaken by the sound of banging on the side of the Lil’ Home.  He told me that it may be the cops telling us to get out of here.

There were two cops standing in front of the LH and came to tell us that we needed to leave here because the courthouse needed parking spaces for court appointments, etc.  

We moved to a vast parking lot along Hwy 19.  We waited til an hour later to check what the weather forecast for Horseshoe Beach.  Not too windy like it was yesterday.  We decided to go back to Horseshoe Beach, but wanted to shop at a grocery store first.

I left first in the Jeep, so she can check and see if the campground is safe to camp here.  The next door campers were still there and they rode out the storm.

We came back to site #8 again.  The surf was choppy and the winds were strong, but not as bad as it was yesterday.
After lunch I drove to the marina to use its wifi to work on the blog.  Erwin stayed “home” to work on his new woodburning project: The Skull
It was a quiet afternoon with the next door campers gone.  Just two of us here… 

We played a game of Chicken Feet domino, played up to Double 6 with me leading.  We will continue the game tomorrow night.  While we were playing we could feel the powerful slapping against the LH from the winds.  

While I was asleep Erwin was a bit worried about the tide, kept checking to be sure the water did not come to the ground.  After seeing that the water was at a low tide he felt relieved and finally went to bed at 2:45 am.


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