Wednesday, March 15, 2017

February 5, 2017 - St. Augustine Beach, Jacksonville & St. Augustine, FL

I got up really early to go meet Michael, our good friend at Starbucks in St. Augustine Beach.  We agreed to meet around 5:30 am because we wanted to go to a place for sunrise photography. Michael suggested that we go to the Fort first.
At Starbucks waiting to meet Michael
I followed him on the way, but when Michael saw the light beam from St. Augustine Lighthouse he suddenly made a turn to the lighthouse.  It seemed the timing was off when we got ready to take pictures because the sky started to lighten up which made it hard to see the light beams.
St. Augustine Lighthouse
Then we went to Castillo de San Marcos National Monument parking lot. It was almost 7 am and we can park for free until 8 am.  We walked along the moat wall, waited for action out on the water. There was a shrimp trawler out there, but it was not moving at all.  
It was already past 8 am and we needed to get out of the parking lot. Michael and I agreed to meet again next week.  
Me with Michael in front of Castillo de San Marcos Fort
Erwin wanted to bring dominoes game to the party because he wanted to teach Annabelle and Jonah how to play Chicken Feet game.  We stopped at a grocery store on way to Teena's house to pick up few items.

We were the first ones to show up.  While Teena, Isaac and I were chatting Erwin got the Chicken Feet game set up with Annabelle and Jonah.  Annabelle won the first two games and Jonah won one.  The final score after Double 6 Erwin came out a winner. Erwin said he was not going to make it easy for the kids to win, they have to work for it!

More company showed up bringing appetizers and desserts.  Teena prepared tacos with shredded chicken and beef along with different dips.  
We all sat in the living room watching the Super Bowl game between New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons.  Most of us, except Jonah, were rooting for the Falcons because they had not won Super Bowl.  I asked Jonah, a deaf 9 year old lad, why he was rooting for the Patriots.  His reply, in sign language, was "Brady is a great quarterback". Yes, he knows football very well.  

Our guts told us that the Patriots were going to win.  At halftime the Falcons was leading at 28-3. Lady Gaga gave the halftime performance. 
My tummy was churning, I cringed, and I covered my face in fear.  The Patriots have been known to add last minute scores in the second half. That was what they did! What a great comeback it was!
The Patriots managed to tie the game forcing an overtime which had never happened with other Super Bowl games.  The Patriots won the toss.  Few plays and the Patriots made a touchdown ending the game.  
We stayed around to chat a bit before heading back to St. Augustine.


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