Sunday, March 5, 2017

January 17, 2017 - Chiefland & Old Town, FL

We spent the morning drinking coffee and chatting with Gracie and Jerry.  We told them that we were going to go out to do the laundry in Chiefland and to buy wines at Dakotah Winery later today.

We did the laundry in Chiefland, FL.  While the laundry was being washed, down came the hard rain.  We had to wait til the rain subsided before going back in the laundry to fold clothes.

Erwin wanted to check O'Reilly's Auto Parts to see if they have connectors for the motorhome and the Jeep.  They did have one, but there was only one left and we got it.

It was lunch time and we were very hungry.  We wanted hamburgers and thought of Burger Spot on Route 26 in Trenton.  It is off the road burger stand.  We ate there before and they were very good.  We had old fashioned 1/4 cheeseburgers with onion rings on the side.  
On way back to Old Town we swung into Dakotah Winery to buy more bottles of their wines.  We bought several bottles of Noble wine last year and liked the flavor so much that we decided to pick up more bottles for our trip this year.  We sampled Carlos, liked the flavor, bought one bottle, also.  There is a pond in the back of the store, and unfortunately, the wood ducks were nowhere to be seen.  

After getting back to Gracie & Jerry's house Erwin got down to working on replacing the tow connector.  It turned out that the old connector had rusty wires and was corroded beyond repair.  The new connector worked out just beautiful, and now we can rest assured that the Jeep's brake/light signals work when being towed by the Lil' Home.


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