Monday, March 20, 2017

February 14, 2017 - St. Augustine, FL to Keystone Heights, FL

❤️Happy Valentine’s Day❤️

Erwin was already up before the alarm went off at 7 am.  After going through the usual routine of getting the rig ready we checked out of St. Johns RV Park at 8 am.  
Since I had a 10:15 am medical appointment in Jacksonville Beach we decided to leave our Lil’ Home (LH) at Camping World on SR16 in St. Augustine.
The traffic backed up on I-295 for miles because of the ongoing road construction. We were lucky that we got an early head start so we were not worried about being late for my appointment.
Erwin wanted to do laundry, found two in Jacksonville Beach, but both were seedy and few machines were out of order. There was no one on the premises to assist and there was no change machine.  We decided to wait til we go somewhere.
Dr. Marty explained to me about the procedure for removing one mole from my upper right arm.  The biopsy result revealed it is skin cancer, but had not metastasized.  Dr. Marty said the cancer cells were soft, so she was able to scrape them out, but used laser to “fry” them for easy removal.  All was done within 5 minutes.  No pain!   I will have to do the wound care every day for 2 weeks. No follow-up visit was needed.
We shopped at Costco in Jacksonville to pick up memory cards for my DSLR camera. While there we talked to Verizon guy about the new unlimited plan that was announced few days ago.  After pulling up my account the guy said I could switch to the new plan for my IPhone 7+ and I will save $30 per month. I decided to go ahead with the unlimited plan  It can be used as personal hotspot, which will be so easy for me to sponge off when using my laptop.
Nothing wrong with men wearing pink pants...
Maybe he did not have red pants to wear on Valentine's Day???
We picked few grocery items and household supplies. We were planning on picking up lunch there, but the line was very long.

We had lunch at Cracker Barrel in St. Augustine.  I did not feel like having a hearty lunch, settled on bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich without any sides. Erwin had chicken tenders sandwich with sides.
After towing the Jeep to the LH we left Camping World at 1:30 pm, stayed on SR16 toward Green Cove Springs, FL. 
Shands Bridge over St. Johns River
We wanted to do the laundry first before checking into Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park. Erwin broke into sweats early this morning, wet the sheets, comforter and the mattress pad. We wanted them washed and clean for tonight. We went to a small shopping center on SR 16 in Green Cove Springs. One mega 8 loads washer cost $8.50 and the other one for 4 loads was $4.50. We used the 8 load washer for the pad, comforter and the sheets, and the rest of the laundry went in the regular machine.
We arrived at Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park at 4:30 pm. 
Both of us were really exhausted from being out almost all day and our energies were low. I fixed a very simple supper. We did not go anywhere for the night. 

The stars were shining brightly, but I was not up to driving to a dark spot for astro photography.  I hope to do that tomorrow night.


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