Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 9, 2016 - Jacksonville, FL

It was a very lazy morning for us.  We were burdened with the stuff that we need to clear out of the house and did not do much until Teena, Erwin’s oldest daughter, and her daughter, Annabelle, came over in the afternoon. Teena wanted to look at the stuff we have to see what stuff she might want to have.  We were not planning on keeping the dining room suite (table, 4 side chairs and 2 captain chairs, buffet/hutch) and few other items in the garage.

Teena mentioned that she and Isaac, her husband, will come to pick up the stuff tomorrow afternoon.  Later in the evening she came back with Annabelle and Jonah, our grandkids.  My, they have grown so much. They were in awe of our Lil’ Home, said it is BIG. They asked us lots of questions as to why we were selling the house and travel in LH full-time.  

After a tour of our LH the kids saw that Edith had a coloring set and books, wanted to color a page or two.  Annabelle asked Grandpa for a plain paper because she wanted to draw something.  After searching for it frantically, Erwin found a piece for her and she sat down happily and started drawing/coloring.  She told Edith not to take a peek at her work.  

Jonah and Annabelle picking out crayons, markers, pens
Edith tried to take a peek, but Annabelle quickly hid her artwork
Jonah with Teena looking on in the background
Good looking' fellas
We chatted with Teena while the kids were at work.  After about an hour or so Annabelle announced that she was done with her drawing/coloring, showed it to Erwin and Teena, but wouldn’t let Edith see it.  Erwin took this picture first before she looked at Annabelle’s work.  What a cute drawing she did… She put her heart and love into it.  Of course, there is a place to post it in the LH. Right on the face of our large screen TV that we have yet to turn on! 
Thank you, Annabelle <3

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