Monday, March 7, 2016

February 24, 2016 - Jacksonville, FL

It is raining!  The wind is howling! Weather alert had been popping up on the phone alerting of flash flood, tornado watch, thunderstorms, high winds, etc.  Yesterday there was a report that 16 separate tornadoes had touched down in AL, LA and MS.

The weather started to clear up as we were on way to Jacksonville Beach. It was our turn to host monthly lunch gathering and we chose Salt Life Food Shack on 3rd Street N. Rosalee & Clark, Brenda & Jack, Audrey & Harold and Mary joined in with us. Diane was unable to make it due to her doctor’s appointment.  We met at 11:30 am, stayed until after 1:30 pm.  Always enjoy the time together.  The service was great and prompt.  The foods were awesome. Since we will be RVing soon we will miss the lunch gathering until this coming fall or winter.  

From left: Brenda, Jack, Mary, Clark and Rosalee
From left: Rosalee, Audrey and Harold
On our way back home we received a call from Kevin, the general contractor, asking us if we were going to be home within an hour. We told him we will be and for him to come by.

Kevin wanted to go through the Wood Damaging Organism (WDO) and “other’ repairs list to be sure which ones we want him to take care of in and outside the house.  We agreed to the five items under WDO and only 3 items out of approx 30: faucet and tub spout replacement in the guest bathroom, two GFIs in the kitchen and one GFI in the garage and caulk the corners in the master shower area.  He told us he was going to do the estimates and give it to Lori, the realtor.

After Kevin left we emailed Lori, the realtor, to let her know of our decision on the repairs.  We mentioned that we will not have fogged windows taken care of because that is the most expensive project.  She replied back and said she will convey our offer to the buyer’s agent and will let us know after she hears back.

Edith prepared a large pot of beef stew with carrots, petite potatoes and cut onions.  We always enjoy beef stew leftovers.

Teena, Erwin’s daughter, texted to let us know that Erwin’s niece, Sarah, and her family will be spending the night at her house, and would like to know if we could come over for a visit tomorrow morning.  Sarah's husband is being transferred out of Georgia and into Maryland.  Sarah and the family decided to take a vacation visiting family and friends in FL before moving farther away to MD next month.

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