Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February 14, 2016 - St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra & Jacksonville, FL

Happy Valentine’s Day to y'all

Erwin wanted to go to Camping World in St. Augustine to see if they have a bike rack that we can attach to the back of our Lil’ Home.  Instead of leaving bikes in the back of the Jeep lugging it around all the time.  And, we wanted to get out for a ride for the afternoon.  

Camping World had the bike rack in stock, there were 3 of them.  While there Erwin picked up a 30/50 amp adapter because the one we had was defective and badly damaged/burnt.  We were hoping to get it replaced without charge, but after the sales associate checked the history of our purchases it did not show that the adapter was bought at Camping World.  We must have bought it at a RV store in Billings, MT.  

We were hungry and it was already past 1:30 pm. We don’t care for fast food joints, but Burger King was right there after we left Camping World.  We did not feel like driving out of the way to see if there were other dining places we could eat at.  The lunch was so-so… Don’t think we will ever order foods from Burger King again.

Edith suggested to go to Vilano Beach, FL.  It was very windy and the ocean was very choppy, so we did not get out of the Jeep to walk to the pier and the beach.  

Lone seagull among Black Skimmers

St. Augustine Lighthouse
We stayed on A1A to go to Jacksonville Beach, FL.  Edith remembered the bird island rookery at St. Johns County Public Library in Ponte Vedra and wanted to check it out.  The county was hoping to attract lots of birds to build nests there, but it does not seem to be working well.  There were maybe like 7-10 birds in the tree.

Edith started to feel lousy, thought it might have been the foods she ate at Burger King.  We did not continue driving through Jacksonville Beach, went straight home, so Edith can get some rest.

We had beef stew leftovers.  Always a delicious dish especially when it is leftover.

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