Monday, March 7, 2016

February 22, 2016 - Jacksonville, FL

Early in the morning there was a large flock of robins flying back and forth between trees in our backyard and the bushes at our neighbor's front yard. Of course, Edith was so curious about it, went out with her camera, looked for the birds.  The robins were feasting on fermented red berries.  There must have been hundreds of them.  The feast lasted for about half an hour before the robins flew elsewhere.

We spent most of the day going through documents and important papers to be sure that our new mailing address has been changed in the system.   Two more companies to contact for change then we are done.  

Edith had not been back to her favorite spot in San Marco area for sunset photography because the last few evenings there were no clouds at all.  

Not much activity today, but we are okay with it because sometimes we need to slow down.  

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