Saturday, March 5, 2016

February 19, 2016 - Jacksonville, FL

Both of us had a great night’s sleep and we did not get out of bed until past 9:30 am.  That was alright because there wasn't much for us to do today.

Erwin went to Staples to make more enlargements of pictures that he wants for future woodburning projects.  Edith spent the morning re-organizing photos on her hard drive, removing some that she no longer wanted to keep or the images were not in focus, etc.

We spent the afternoon pulling out weeds in the backyard. Erwin commented that the weeds had gotten so bad since we stopped the lawn treatment back in the late winter.  We used Scott’s Lawn Service for a couple years, but we became disenchanted with their care of the lawn. It almost seemed like they were spreading weed seeds instead of weed killer! We were getting new kinds of weeds we never had in the beginning!

It was a very quiet night.  The stars were everywhere..  We hoped for another great night of sleep.

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