Thursday, March 3, 2016

February 18, 2016 - Jacksonville, FL

A very beautiful morning. Light breeze, but not too chilly.  We cannot go anywhere this morning because we had to be home when the septic inspector comes to check the system in the backyard.

It was not until 11 am when the inspector from Metro Rooter company came by to talk to us, to find out where the cleanout and pumpout were.  The home inspector who was here last week was not able to locate them, so this is why he requested to have them inspected.  After Erwin showed where they were and realized that the tropical plants were in the way.  He went to the garage to get the saw, so he can chop off some of the plant to gain access.

Then came the big Metro Rooter truck with the tank and hoses. It took over an hour and half to pump out the sewage.  The inspector gave us a thumbs up, said the tank is in a great shape and there was no build-up around the wall. A big relief!  

When we were at Newmar RV Rally in Tampa last month the technicians were not able to replace the vents on the roof our our Lil’ Home because it was raining that day.  They showed Erwin how to replace them and gave him a tube of caulking.  Since the weather was nice he took the opportunity to replace the vents. It did not take very long to finish it

Later in the afternoon Teena, Isaac and Annabelle stopped by to pick up glass shelves that were left behind when Teena picked up the corner curio cabinet the other day.  They just had their income tax done at ILRC and swung by here on their way home.  Annabelle loves kumquats, so Teena took the small ladder to climb up to the top of the tree.  The kumquat tree is loaded, but sadly about 3/4 of the fruits were overripe.  We showed Isaac where repairs will be needed before the buyer can secure a mortgage from the bank.  

We hurriedly went to the tax service center on University Blvd, got there at 4 pm and hoped that the accountant can finish it before closing time.  We had been going there for several years and the lady always work fast, finish the returns in 20 mins or less. However, this time it took her more than an hour.  It was 5:30 pm when she was done, printed two sets of copies; one for us and one for the office.  Before we were ready to leave the lady noticed a small mistake on the return, quickly made a change and the result was different. She had to re-print the returns.  We felt so relieved to have the taxes done and we can now focus on other things that need our attention. Edith said she may try to do tax returns for 2016, but we will see.

Thank goodness for leftovers.  So easy to warm them up.  A restful night for us with Edith switching between coloring a page and reading Fifty Shades of Grey e-book and Erwin reading a paperback and working on his new woodburning project.

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