Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 8, 2016 - White Springs, FL to Jacksonville, FL

Well…Well…We did not wake up at 8 am. It was almost 10 am! The sun was smiling upon us and it is going to be a nice day for traveling.

We were lucky that the weather was nice and that made it easier for us to put things away, get our Lil’ Home (LH) ready for the road trip to Jacksonville, FL.  

The drive home was very nice and without any hitch.  No rest stop or diesel fill-up.  

Five minutes after we arrived back at the house our realtor, Lori, showed up with bunches of paperwork for us to sign.  Erwin asked Edith if she was heartbroken upon signing her name on the dotted line. “No not at all, Edith signed back to Erwin.  She didn’t want to buy the house in the first place when we shopped for one back in the spring of 2006.  Erwin fell in love with it and begged Edith to think twice. And, she gave in to his begging.

After Lori left we had two places we wanted to go to. First stop was to talk to Rick, the cabinetmaker for estimates on two desks for our LH. The price was not too bad, but Edith was not too enthusiastic about him doing the work and thought there might not be enough time for Rick to finish before Feb 25.  

Next stop was at Reddi Arts, so Edith can pick up few more colored pencils and markers. The store has a vast selection of them. The staff was very helpful and gave instructions to Edith on how to refill Copic markers. 

The wind started to pick up and rocked the LH a bit.  Because of that Edith decided not to go to her favorite spot for sunset photography.  We could see how beautiful the sunset was from the colors on the clouds.  

A restful night for us after a quick/simple supper. 


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    1. I meant to check the "notify" box and it removed the comment! Sorry! :)

  2. Is your large home sold now? I always look forward to your posts. I will love seeing your adventures in your beautiful little home this summer! <3

  3. Hello Sheila. There is a contract on the house, but the repairs need to be done first before the buyers can get a loan.
    The general contractor was here this afternoon to go over the repair list. We won't know the result until maybe next week or so.
    Hugs, Edith