Tuesday, March 8, 2016

February 23, 2016 - Jacksonville, FL

It was a slow morning for us.  We did not do much until after 10 am. We were planning on going to Florida State College of Jacksonville Kent Campus to watch the 10 am performance by John Maucere, a well-known deaf international entertainer and a standup comedian, but we decided to go to the one at 6:30 pm at Downtown campus.

Robins were flying around non-stop, binged on berries at a neighbor’s front yard.  Edith was hoping to see Cedar Waxwings, but they have not shown up yet. 

Lori, the realtor, texted and emailed with the information on estimates for other repairs that the buyer requested.  The appraiser will be here tomorrow around 1:45 pm.  We will not be home at that time because we already have an appointment.

Edith went to Starbucks to update the map for our Garmin GPS.  The last time she updated the map there was not enough memory in GPS to include states west of Mississippi River.  A 16 or 32 GB micro SD card will be enough to include all states and Canadian provinces. We bought a 32 GB microSD card last Saturday.  It took over 2 hours to update the map! Now it is all good and ready for us to use for our upcoming trip.

Erwin filled up the fresh water tank as it was getting low.  Edith was starting to feel stressed and tired, took a power nap.

Edith quickly fixed a simple, fast dinner dish because we wanted to be at Florida State College Downtown campus before 6 pm.  At that time the sky started to turn very dark and dark grey clouds started to build up.

By the time we were on way to Downtown Jax the rain came down hard, then harder and harder. It was not a problem finding the campus and we pulled into a parking lot not too far from the auditorium.  

Once inside the auditorium there were already people lined up, but it was not open yet.  It was nice seeing familiar faces we had not seen in a long while.

The auditorium was packed like a can of sardines.  People had to stand against the wall, sat on the floor. Full house! SRO! And, the sponsors did not expect a great turnout!  There was not a seat available for our grandson, Jonah, so he came and sat on Erwin’s lap.

John Maucere comes from a deaf family.  We knew his stepmom, Bobbi, who was in Class of ’67 at Gallaudet when we were in Class of ’69.  

John Maucere

We had a good non-stop laughter for two hours. We enjoyed John’s show so much.  If and when John has a show in your hometown be sure to go and watch it. You will not be disappointed!

After the show there was a photo opportunity with John, so we lined up. It did not take long before it was our turn. John was very friendly, was surprised when we told him we knew his stepmom.  Deaf world is small, we tell you… Seth Gerlis, founder/news reporter for IDeafNews, was the one taking pictures. Again, small world!  Seth’s dad was in our class at Gallaudet.

It stopped raining when we walked back to the Jeep.  The Snow Moon was shining brightly, was not too far from Jupiter. This occurrence will not happen until 2035.  Too bad that Edith’s camera is in the shop.  We tried taking pictures with Erwin’s IPhone 6+, but the camera phone did not do it justice.

Main Street Bridge is a lift bridge crossing St. Johns River
It was the second bridge built across the river in 1941.


  1. Erwin, you got great photo up there using your iPhone 6+

  2. Your photo using iPhone 6+ is so fine. You just give me reason to upgrade in.