Friday, March 18, 2016

February 29, 2016 - Jacksonville, FL

Oh, it is Leap Year, but Edith is not planning on doing something special for Erwin because she wanted to get things for the house squared away before we begin our long journey in few days.

Kevin, the general contractor, came by with the trailer loaded with the stuff needed for repairs on our house and the workshop.  His co-worker, Tony, came along and was instructed on which project to start tomorrow.

Here are the pictures of the "damages" that the inspector said to repair or replace them before we can sell the house.  There were several Wood Damaging Organism problems (one in the house, 1 side garage door, one chimney above the roof, and the rest at the workshop.

4 Boards with orange dot stickers needed to be replaced
The ends are rotten
Living room door to the sunroom
The portion of the jamb is rotten 
The other side of the living room door 
The side garage door

The door and the jamb at the workshop. You can see how
badly rotten they are

We did not think there was anything wrong with the sidings
on the left side of the workshop, but the inspector said it must
be replaced :-(

The siding and trims needed to be replaced.
There were few things left in the garage that needed to go in the public storage and we loaded them in  the Jeep.  After lunch we went to Cubesmart Public Storage to drop off the stuff in our storage bin.  It is not quite full, but we are sure that we will probably get rid some of them later on.

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