Thursday, March 3, 2016

February 16 & 17, 2016 - Jacksonville, FL

February 16
  • We were still sorting through the stuff in the garage, trying to decide which ones to keep or throw away.  There are few boxes that we will take with us on our trip to the Rockies.  We walked through the house several times to be sure that we did not overlook anything.
  • After lunch Edith went over to help Gloria with her new Nikon D3200 camera she got for Christmas.  Her other camera is a Canon that has a broken battery cover.  Edith read the manual first to get herself familiarized with Nikon’s settings.  Even though Edith does not own a Nikon camera most cameras have similar settings, just in a different area.  Gloria wanted black/white shooting when her friends ask for it.  Edith finally figured it out and showed her how to set it up.  It is a big learning curve for one to try to understand the settings from a Canon one to Nikon one.
  • Erwin went out for a long walk while Edith worked on her pictures.  The evening/night was quiet.  
February 17
  • Kevin, independent licensed contractor, came around 11 am to go over the list that needed to be fixed or replaced.  The french door in the workshop will have to be replaced.  He is going to give us a breakdown of what will be required and the cost involved.  We asked him how long it will take him to start after we agree to his offer and he said it will be 10 days to a week.  This means postponing our trip to the West until after March 3rd.
  • After Kevin left Erwin and I went to Wells Fargo Bank to have Edith’s address changed and while there she got a temporary debit card. The new debit card will be mailed within a week. Erwin wanted to go to Bank of America to withdraw cash from ATM, so we can go shopping at Freshfield Farms to pick up fresh vegetables and fruits.  
  • Lori, our realtor, stopped by at 3:30 pm to go over the form for the inspection of the septic tank system.  Edith signed the form allowing the company to come and take a look at the septic tomorrow afternoon.
  • Edith fixed one of our new favorite dishes: Chicken Parm-Stuffed Spaghetti Squash. Even though we got a small spaghetti squash it was still too much for us to finish.  There’ll be enough leftovers for the next meal. 

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