Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 10, 2016 - Jacksonville, FL

We were up early this morning because somebody was coming to inspect the house for the prospective buyer.  We had two shades rolled up, so the sun can shine in to wake us up.

Oh… Oh… It was bitter cold this morning when we walked from the Lil’ Home (LH) to the house.  Freeze warning was in effect at 3 am and will last until Friday morning.

At 8:30 am Larry, a certified home inspector, came by to inspect the house for the buyer.  Then Josh, working for Busy Bee Termite & Pest Control, Inc., came to check for termites.  It took them over two and half hours to complete the inspection.  

Edith spent part of the morning and most of the afternoon checking out places to visit for our upcoming trip that will begin on February 28 or thereafter.  She also checked for campgrounds in towns and cities we plan to visit.  She became more excited as she worked on because she looks forward to exploring new/old places, visiting friends and relatives, hiking at national/state parks. That is less than three weeks away!

Erwin’s daughter Teena came by alone.  Then her husband, Isaac, along with our grandkids, Annabelle and Jonah, came in another vehicle.  We gave Isaac a tour of our LH, gave answers to his questions.  Annabelle and Jonah brought their art case and sketch books, started to draw and color right away.  Last night Annabelle drew a sketch of Grandma Edith and now Jonah wanted to draw a picture of Grandpa Erwin.  They really poured their hearts into their drawings.  L.O.V.E. 

Jonah's drawing of Grandpa Erwin
Teena and Isaac picked up the stuff we did not want to keep.  Teena was excited about the 9’ tall pre-lighted Christmas tree.  We spent a fortune on it, but cannot keep it in our LH.  They were not able to take all the stuff in one trip, said they will come back Friday or Saturday to pick up what’s left.

Teena suggested to Edith to get something to cover delicate plants/flowering shrubs in the front yard, so Edith went and got several old sheets that were left in the house, covered the plants.  We hope they survive through the harsh freeze during the night. We shall find out tomorrow.

Edith and her friend, Ron from Maryland, had been texting back and forth to make arrangements to meet tomorrow for lunch in Longwood, FL. Ron and his lovely wife, Luci, are staying in Orlando and wanted to meet with us.  The last time Edith saw Ron was over 15 years ago when she was still working! It will be great to see Ron and Luci again. Edith and Ron worked for Food and Nutrition Service under the Department of Agriculture in Alexandria, VA before Edith retired from the service in June 2002.

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