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March 6, 2016 - Biloxi, MS to Grand Isle, LA

Erwin was up first before the sunrise, woke Edith and told her to go outside to take pictures of the sunrise.  The sky was deep pink and the crescent moon was already up.

It was 55˚ and the morning was very lovely.  Very balmy and the view of the Biloxi Bay was awesome.  Pelicans were flying by, some just by itself, some in groups.

We left Biloxi at 7:15 am, decided to stay on US 90 to Bay St. Louis, LA instead of going back on I-10 W.  
Hard Rock Casino/Hotel
Biloxi Lighthouse
Shark's Head at Gift Shop
Many lots in Biloxi and Gulfport were up for sale. There was a sign advertising a 3.3. acre lot for $750,000!!!  Can you imagine how much the house insurance and property tax can be?  Bet the insurance is very high now especially after Hurricane Katrina slammed into this town back in August 2005. 

New house being built near the beach
There were many barren (still standing, but dead) trees and A sculptor, Marlin Miller, carved the tree trunks into sculptures.  

We got on 607 for I-10 W at the fork of US 90 and 607.  Too much traffic stops if we continue on 90 through New Orleans. The traffic on I-10 was not too bad, the roads were okay.

There was a welcome center/rest area near Slidell, LA that we pulled into. Erwin wanted more coffee and procceded to make one while Edith walked to the welcome center to get brochures and maps.  There is a RV dump station, but one needs to see the attendant to unlock the opening.  We asked about road constructions on I-10 W, were told that we should be okay going through New Orleans.

While crossing Lake Ponchartrian Bridge the left lane was closed for one mile and it caused bumper to bumper traffic.

New Orleans Skyline
We took exit #220 to get on I-310.  Along the way there were two jumbo planes approaching the runway.  That would have been a great spot to just sit and watch the planes landing, but there was none.  Perhaps there is a spot somewhere else but we don't know about it, but will find out later.

Again, there was another road construction on I-310 for 4 miles. Left lane is/has been closed from February until June. Nerve wrecking driving on the one lane bridge across Mississippi River. Erwin did a great job keeping the LH within the narrow lane.

Mississippi River
We got back on US 90 W at Exit #215B.  While on a rest break we learned the news of Nancy Reagan’s death.  She was 94 years old, was a wonderful First Lady when her husband, Ronald Reagan, was the 40th president of the U.S..

There is a toll for Highway 1 Bridge and we stopped at GeauxPas office to pre-pay for the toll, but the office was closed on Sundays. The sign mentioned that we can use cash or credit on right lane only.

The toll for Highway 1 elevated toll expressway cost $9.25 (4-axle) for our Lil” home and toad (this is a terminology that is corrupted from when you say "towed", it sounds like toad when towing a vehicle behind a motorhome).  The old LA 1 is sinking and is vulnerable to flooding, so the transportation department added Louisiana Highway 1 Bridge.  The entrance to toll booth was SO VERY narrow that Erwin’s knuckles turned VERY WHITE while maneuvering the LH through without scratching the sides and the mirrors. There was only inches of clearance from the mirrors!  The bridge stands 22’ above sea level on cement piles, offers great view of the surroundings.

See how narrow the lane is for big rigs like ours
On way to Grand Isle, LA via about 8 miles of elevated roadway
We arrived Grand Isle, LA at 12:30 pm, pulled over to the shoulder, so we can get our selfie picture with the town sign.  Grand Isle State Park is on the east end of the town.  The grocery store, Sureway, was open when we drove by. We needed to pick up some stuff there, but we wanted to check into the state park first.

We were assigned site #30 for 2 nights at $24 a nite.  We thought we could get 50% off the nightly rate with Eagle Pass, but the ranger explained that if we were LA residents and holding the Eagle Pass they would deduct the rate to $12.  

Nice pull-thru, very easy to get around.  We are next to the beach and the entrance to the beach is not very far. There is a bathhouse within walking distance.

After setting up the LH we went to Sureway grocery store, but it was closed at 1 pm.  We do have some foods for supper, but Edith was hoping to pick up fresh vegetables. We will do that tomorrow.

We went out for a ride for a while, checked out two RV parks, got information.

Erwin prepared goulash for supper while Edith went to the tower to get sunset pictures.  She would have missed the last sliver of sunlight if she had not gone to the tower to go to the top for better view.

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