Monday, March 14, 2016

February 28, 2016 - High Springs, FL to Jacksonville, FL

Last day of camping at O’Leno State Park.  Most deaf campers had already checked out before 11 am and most of them were going to Outdoor Restaurant in High Springs, FL for lunch.  Since Edith was still feeling under the weather we did not join with them.

We checked out of the campground at noontime and Edith in the Jeep followed Erwin to Hardee’s in Lake Butler, FL to have a quick lunch.  On way to Lake Butler after making a right turn the door of one of the Lil’ Home’s baggage compartments flew open and the slide drawer slid out.  Erwin did not even know it had happened.  It was so lucky that he did not keep on driving, he pulled over to the shoulder to allow cars behind us to pass by.  Edith quickly got out of the Jeep, ran to tell Erwin about the incident.  Nothing came out of the drawer, whew!  Erwin realized that he did not shut the drawer completely.  We are still learning things that we MUST watch out for!  There are so many little things that normally we take for granted that we cannot in a motorhome!  For example; drawers must be latched, doors closed, things off the counter tops, table cleared, all loose stuff secured, awnings closed, slideouts closed, water hose and electric cable put away, all exterior doors closed and locked, leveling jacks raised, no stuff left outside, drain waste holding tanks, fill fresh water tank, fill fuel tank if necessary, hook up tow vehicle, etc, etc, etc.   The list gets added on as we learn by trial and error!

After lunch in Lake Butler we hooked the Jeep to the Lil' Home, continued our journey back to Jacksonville, FL.

After getting back to the house we rested for the rest of the day, went through the mail, checked the house.

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