Sunday, March 13, 2016

February 27, 2016 - High Springs, FL

When Edith woke up she knew immediately that she was really sick.  Her throat started to feel scratchy and raw. Her head felt heavy. Of course, she was very disappointed because she would miss the social time with deaf campers and was looking forward to playing games with them.

Erwin went to the next site (the official meeting place for campers) and sat by the campfire while Edith stayed inside the Lil’ Home to rest, drank lots of water and took Ibuprofen.

Erwin did not hike with the group because he was concerned about Edith and wanted to stay to look after her.  After the group got back from the hike  Edith went out to see them, but tried not to get too close.  She went out three times, but did not stay out too long. 

Erwin joined back with the group after supper, but it had gotten so cold and he started to shiver a bit, decided to call it good night. Edith was still resting in bed.

We are hoping that Edith will feel better tomorrow. We shall see...

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