Friday, March 11, 2016

February 26, 2016 - Jacksonville, FL to High Springs, FL

A beautiful morning and we were ready to leave to go to O’Leno State Park in High Springs FL to meet with other deaf campers for the weekend, but we had to wait for Erwin’s medical appointment and the contractor to come by and complete the last job before we can write him a check.

Kevin, the contractor, was in Orange Park when we called to find out if he was still planning on coming to the house.  He told us he will be here, but it will be after noon.

Erwin had a 10:20 am follow-up appointment to have his right knee examined and received shots.  Then Erwin went to get propane and diesel fill-up while Edith was at Publix to pick up prescriptions. 

Kevin replaced the electrical outlet in the kitchen with one that has GFI (the old one did not have it) and said everything else looks good and should pass re-inspection.  As soon as he left we hit the road to go to High Springs, FL.  

I-95 Traffic Jam on way to Warren Bridge
While on way Edith started to feel sick and complained that her throat was scratchy.  She was hoping she was not coming down with the colds, etc.  She wanted to be in good health to enjoy the fun with campers during the weekend.

We checked into O’Leno State Park after 2:30 pm.  We made an advance reservation via back last month, got site #21, but planned to switch it with Bon and Marilyn, who had site #24 because it had 50 amps that we needed.  

On way to the campground
By the time we checked into the site Edith felt worse and said she was not going to join in with other campers. Although she did not know what she had but did not want to take a chance of passing the illness to others.

Erwin joined in with the crowd rest of the afternoon and evening while Edith stayed in to rest.  

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