Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February 13, 2016 - Jacksonville, FL

The early morning was beautiful and Edith was so tempted to drive to the beach for sunrise photo op.  She was just feeling too lazy to do so, chose to stay “home”. Another time, she told herself...

There was not much left for us to do in the house except to keep the kitchen and two bathrooms clean.

There were several emails between us and our realtor with the update on the home inspection report after the inspection was done on 2/8/16.  The prospective buyer will be reviewing it and will let us know what repairs he would like for us to take care of.  

In the afternoon Teena and Isaac came back to pick up the stuff, then asked us over for supper.

We went to Isaac’s house around 4 pm.  The dining table, chairs and buffet/hutch looked great in the dining area.  The old dining table that belonged to Edith’s momma was moved to Teena’s sewing room.  

While Teena was busy preparing meals we spent time chatting with Isaac and he proudly showed us the beautiful landscape he did around the house.

Teena served marinated salmon (she and the family caught a lot of salmon when they vacationed in Alaska last summer), potatoes, green beans and salad and a glass of Arbor Mist wine.  Dessert was served later.

After supper Teena and Isaac shared their vacation experience in Alaska, gave us tips on ferry service from Bellingham, WA to one of the ports you want to visit in AK.  They told stories of what they did while spending over a month there.  We hope to be able to visit AK next year.  We went on a land/cruise trip with Holland America in 2012, fell in love with Alaska, swore to go visit it again later.

It was a lovely evening with Teena and the family.  

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