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March 5, 2016 - Marianna, FL to Biloxi, MS

Erwin woke up at 3:30 am, realized it was too early to be up and went back to bed.  Guess he was too excited to start another day of traveling, but we have plenty of days, months and years to do that.

The morning was beautiful and the sun directly shone against the Lil’ Home’s windshield. Not a cloud in sight!  After breakfast we discussed on routes to use to go to Fairhope, AL (170 miles from Marianna, FL). Edith wanted to check out a couple attractions in that town.

We left Marianna Walmart at 7:50 am, got on I-10 West.  The traffic was very light, not too many trucks.

Before approaching Ponce de Leon Springs, FL  Erwin wanted more coffee, got off I-10 to go to a rest area stop near Ponce de Leon Springs Recreation Area off Highway 81. Edith wanted a cup of coffee, too.  It is nice that we are able to use the inverter to run electricity during stops anywhere. Exactly what is an inverter and what does it do?  Our Lil’ Home has a device built in that converts DC electricity to AC.  We can use it to run coffeemaker, microwave/convection oven, TV, small appliances such as fan, etc.. 

While at rest area Erwin went to dump the trash and on his way back he saw this neat motorcycle, told Edith to go and take a picture. While she was taking pictures the owner came up and offered to take a picture of her and the motorcycle. After few tries he was not successful in capturing one! :-(  We would love to own one like this for short trips around in the country.

We got back on I-10 after coffee was made and served.  Again, the traffic was still light.  The sky was still without clouds.

We got on Highway 85 at Exit 56 for Crestview, FL. Two birds with one stone: To get a picture of one roadside attraction and to pick up Edith’s mail at a mail forwarding service center. However, the roadside attraction was on the other side of the road after picking up the mail, and Edith decided not to stop to get out for photo op.

What was that?
Got close enough to see what they were
Oh, a Longhorn along with the black cow!
We chose to get on Highway 90 West after leaving Crestview, headed down to Holt, FL, then turned left on Log Lake Road to get back on I-10 W.

We crossed Escambia Bay before reaching Pensacola, FL, then exited at #5 to get on US 90.  We made it to Alabama state line at 11:30 am. 

On County Road 48, on way to US 59, there was an antique truck on the side of the road.  We were lucky because the shoulder was wide enough for us to pull over.  (N 30.53102˚ W087.67016˚) in Robertsdale, AL.

From County Road 48 we turned right onto Highway 59 to go to Camping World. The light bulbs in our bedroom were burnt out and we needed to pick up two new bulbs.  However, they were out of the size we needed.  That means a trip to another Camping World in other states.

We visited Fairhope, AL, left the LH at shopping area parking lot, drove the Jeep to downtown and nearby.  Stayed on US 98 then US 98 Alabama Scenic Byway.  Stopped to check out Punta Clara Candy Kitchen, sampled lots of candies and jellies. Erwin bought few Louis L’Armor paperbacks and a package of Coconut Dream candies.  Antiques were in the hall by the candy store.  

We stopped at a beach park, strolled for a while.  Bluebirds were flying around.  Juvenile bluebirds.  Then to another park where there are beautiful yellow and red tulips in full bloom.  Drove through Fairhope downtown, very crowded, no place to park.  

Eastern Bluebird
Mobile, AL Skyline

W left Fairhope at 3 pm, on way to Biloxi, MS via US 98 then I-10 W then I-165 to I-65 finally I-10 W

We took an exit to Theodore, AL to get diesel fill-up at Walmart Neighborhood Market ($1.65 g). It was the cheapest for diesel around here.

We arrived Mississippi State Line at 4:25 pm. We stopped at a rest area near Gauiter, MS. It has a free dump station and we used it.

Facetime app is really nice and handy to have. When there is not much to see on the road Edith can call some of her friends and chat away.  

We took Exit #50 to get on South 609 to Ocean Springs, arrived Biloxi at 5:15 pm.  We spotted several RVs parked at the east end of the parking lot at Golden Nugget Casino, so we followed it and found a spot. There were 9 RVs there.

The sunset set at 5:59 pm and Edith had half an hour before to hurriedly walk to the marina for a better shot of the sunset.  It was a bonus to see the pelican on the top of the piling along with the sunset in the background.

After a quick supper we walked to Golden Nugget Casino, strolled around the casino area, watched some table games.  Edith’s eyes got itchy due to the smoking. Smoking is allowed in certain areas.  

The night was very pleasant. Not many stars to see because of too much casino lights coming from the casinos all around.

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