Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 28, 2015 - Chiefland, FL

It has been a long while since we both slept til past 9:30 am.  Edith took a quick peek to see what the weather was like.  Overcast!

Edith wanted to go sightseeing in Cedar Key, FL, but Erwin wanted us to just stay here and chill out.  Besides that, we will be going back to Jacksonville, FL tomorrow for our medical appointments and errands.  We needed to watch our gas budget.

While Erwin was eating his late breakfast Edith walked over to the concession to use its free wifi, so she can edit and post travel blogs.  

No one was swimming in the spring, but there was a couple going out in a canoe.  Edith would love to go canoeing, but Erwin was concerned about his right shoulder. He had shoulder surgery last January and It is not fully healed. 

For lunch we had taboulee (Syrian salad consisting of diced tomatoes, diced cucumbers, chopped green onions, parsley and soaked/drained cracked wheat).  After lunch Edith prepared zesty italian chicken thighs in slow cooker and let it cook for 6 hours on low setting.  That will be for our supper tomorrow after we get back from Jacksonville, FL.

The afternoon found us lounging outside while watching the birds and squirrels that were about not far from us.  Cardinals, wrens and titmouse showed up.  Squirrels were busy bringing nuts. 

Carolina Wren
Male Northern Cardinal
Female Northern Cardinal
Late in the afternoon we took a hike at Sinkhole Loop, .6 mile loop.  There was a gentle breeze and it certainly helped while we walked.  We saw few sinkhole ponds, saw monitoring wells (It is a well drilled to 86 feet and into the underground river, the well is covered and locked but can be opened for testing the water below to gauge it’s purity).

After we got back from hiking Edith started to prepare supper and we had tacos, a very simple meal.  Nothing fancy.  

The time for the sunset was 6:49 pm, so we hurriedly walked on the boardwalk to get to the end of the dock.  The sun was already down below the treeline, but there were nice colors in the clouds.  Lots of buzzards, egrets, anhingas, herons were flying to trees not far from the dock to roost for the night.

We decided not to have campfire because it was so warm outside.  

We looked at the map trying to decide what best routes to take from Chiefland, FL to Jacksonville, FL. We have few things to take care of: pick up the shades for our bedroom, pick up mail and bicycles at the house, stop at Wells Fargo Bank, make an appointment with Erwin’s knee doctor and lastly our appointment with a dermatologist.

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