Monday, October 12, 2015

October 1, 2015 - Keystone Heights, FL, Hawthorne, FL & Starke, FL

It was raining around 6 am when Edith woke up to check and see if the weather was perfect for sunrise pictures. No good and she went back to bed

After breakfast we went out for a walk. We try to go for a walk at least few times during the day.   It was already 84˚ around 9 am and it was SO muggy!

Our friend Edna texted and asked if we would like to get wood scraps to be used as fire starters.  Of course, we wanted them and got the address to go to the cabinetry shop in Hawthorne, FL where she works at.  

The cabinet warehouse is huge.  Because of the shop’s new insurance policy we were not allowed to go inside for a tour, so we just stood outside and took a peek to get an idea of the layout.  Jack explained what some of the machinery is used for.

Edna loading wood pieces

We delivered our old ice cream maker to Edna and she was thrilled to have it.  While there she showed us her 5th wheel trailer she and her husband Jack bought last year. 

It was almost lunchtime and we left Hawthorne to find something to eat in Starke, FL.  From Route 20 we took 301 North.  Edith spotted an abandoned barn/building and wanted to take pictures.  No trespassing signs were posted, so Edith had to stay behind the fencing to get pictures.  It would have been a better picture if she could go past the sign, but the grasses were tall and uncut.

While in Starke, FL we decided to have lunch at Downtown Grill on Main Street.  Erwin went with ham and dumplings that came with green beans and steak fries and Edith decided on potato skins (she could eat only 3 of the 4 and let Erwin have the last one)

We took a brief tour of Starke, stopped at Reeves RV Store, browsed around, but did not buy anything. 

We did a bit of grocery shopping at Winn Dixie.  At the pharmacy there is a special promo for free cholesterol and diabetes test and Erwin signed up for it.

Going back to Roess Gold Head Branch State Park from Starke, FL we chose to stay on Route 100 that meets Route 21. 

It became so so muggy and we decided not to go out for a walk.

We were so surprised to see Edna and Jack arriving with their 5th wheel trailer at the campground. Edna came over to let us know they were here.  Nice to have company for a while.  

We used up leftovers for supper.  We went over to Edna and Jack’s campsite, chatted a while.  We walked to the lake area to watch the sunset.  There was a small supercell and lightnings occurred in the distance. The colors were beautiful and it was amazing to watch the transformation.

Edna and Jack came over for a visit and we had a lovely time chatting with them.  They let us know that they were going to leave early tomorrow morning to go to work, but will be back in the late afternoon.

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