Monday, October 19, 2015

October 11, 2015 - Jacksonville, FL to Keystone Heights, FL

We went back to the house one more time to check and make sure everything was ok and to get the mail.

We decided that we wanted to camp at Gold Head Branch State Park in Keystone Heights, FL again because there are trails we had not gone on the last time we were there.  We had not made a reservation and hoped that the park has a campsite with 50 amps available.

It was around 11 am when we checked out of Fleetwood RV Park, stopped at Racetrac on US 1 to get diesel for the Lil’ Home (LH). Erwin decided to use Route 17, so we used I-295 to go over Buckman Bridge.

Buckman Bridge part of I-295 
Jacksonville Skyline
St. Johns River
It was a pleasant drive and Edith saw some photo opportunities along Route 16 near Penneys Farms, FL, but because we were traveling in our 40' LH it is hard to pull over.  Edith said she was going to come back in the Jeep during the week.

We were very lucky that the state park had a site #59 with 50 amps available and we reserved it for 6 nights. $11 per night.  Even though the LH is self-contained the restroom facility is a stone’s throw from the site.

Only 4 campsites were occupied when we arrived to set up the LH.  All slideouts were out (we have three), folding chairs and a small tray set up on the patio area.

We were promptly greeted by the campground volunteer, who has been volunteering at Gold Head 4 months, and her pug/chichuaha dog.  The dog has to check out everyone who checked in.  

It was a very restful afternoon with Erwin doing a bit of woodturning and Edith catching up on travel blogs.

There was one dragonfly that would continually perch on top of a certain stick, leaves then comes back to it.  Edith got the telephoto lens on the camera, got some good shots of it.  After asking around she got the identification and it is called Blue Dasher dragonfly.

We went out for a leisurely walk to the lake, enjoyed the view of the sunset.

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